Cub Scouts 101

How to Print New Cub Scout Requirements To Fit in Handbooks

new cub scout requirements By now, all of you have heard about the new Cub Scout requirements modifications that were implemented at the beginning of December 2016.

The Boy Scouts of America now has created an addendum for each rank that lists all of the rank and adventure requirements, including those that weren’t changed.  These documents will help us update our current handbooks.

Some of my Scouting friends who are involved at the national level tell me that BSA’s plan is to continue selling their current inventory of handbooks until it is deleted. When the book is reprinted, it will reflect the modifications.  It’s my understanding that the addenda will be printed and distributed with each handbook that is sold, but I’m not sure when they’ll be available. Continue reading

Printable Cub Scout Cards: Fun Resource

printable Cub Scout cardsI discovered this awesome printable Cub Scout cards on Etsy!  It is so cute, but in a rugged, Cub Scout way.  When I saw them, I knew they would be perfect to give to our Cub Scouts as we started the new year–especially the new Cub Scouts.

On a single page, you’ll find the Scout Oath, the Scout Law, the Cub Scout motto, the Outdoor Code, the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids, and the Scout slogan.  You can print the page and cut it so that you have individual cards for each of these.

The printable Cub Scout cards are a fun way to learn some of the things they need to know to earn their Bobcat rank.  The other boys can use them to review their Cub Scout basics.  Continue reading

Cub Scout Denner Leadership Role

DennerA denner is a member of your Cub Scout den who is either elected or appointed to be an official “helper” for the den.  The position gives the boys an opportunity to serve in a leadership role.

Denners can be selected through a variety of methods, but you should to include the boys in the decision so that they have some ownership in the process.

The boys can vote (by secret ballot or show of hands) to select the denner.  Another option is give the boys a list of months, and have them fill out who will be the denner for each month.

Continue reading

Cub Scouts Now Using Boy Scout Oath and Law

scoutoathIn addition to the program changes, Cub Scouts saw another big change beginning June 1, 2015.  Instead of the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack, Cub Scouts adopted the Boy Scout Oath and Law.

So, why was this change made?  The Boy Scouts of America’s mission “is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.”  By exposing our boys to the Scout Oath and Law at a younger age, they are more likely to live by those values. Continue reading

How to Cub Scout Every Day

young cooks
When someone looks at the list of Cub Scout rank requirements, electives and Belt Loop requirements, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and think that your son will never be able to do them.

But it’s not as hard as you think!  Your son is probably completing a Cub Scout requirement every day at home or at school, and you don’t even realize it.

That’s why I’m a big advocate of reading through your son’s requirements from time to time.  If you’re waiting in line or for an appointment, just skim through them.  Boy Scout Trail is a great resource to use if you don’t have the book handy. Continue reading

What Does the Cub Scout Pack Committee Do?

Cub Scout Pack Committee

You’ve probably wondered what your Pack Committee does.  You know you have a Cubmaster, and you assume that he or she is in charge of the pack.  I think of the Cubmaster as the “face” of the pack.  He or she interacts with the boys and runs the pack meetings.  The Cubmaster is also a member of the Pack Committee in most units.

But the Cubmaster can’t do everything alone.  In addition to ensuring that there is a solid pack program, there are many administrative tasks that must be done to make a good pack.  That’s where the Pack Committee steps inContinue reading