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Need Cub Scout gathering activities ideas? Scroll on down to find them!

Cub Scout Gathering ActivitiesEver had this happen? You arrive at your den meeting location about 20 minutes early. You have some things to set up, so you get started on that. When the second Scout arrives with your assistant den leader, the two kids start playing. Then a third and a fourth arrive. They’re running around, messing with things they shouldn’t be. You and your assistant den leader are trying to finish setting things up. You have to stop multiple times to ask the kids to stop what they’re doing. Finally, everything is set up, and you’re ready to start. But your Cub Scouts are right in the middle of some game, and they don’t want to stop the game. Or they’re so wound up from playing with each other that they can’t settle down enough for the opening ceremony. Fun times, isn’t it? ? There is a way to avoid this! Plan a gathering activity for your Scouts.

What are Cub Scout Gathering Activities?

In my pack meeting planner post, here’s how I describe gathering activities: Gathering activities (or pre-opening activities) are designed to give the Scouts something fun to do before the meeting starts. If the Scouts are occupied, leaders will have time to finish setting up for the meeting. Here are some characteristics of good gathering activities: * They should be fun! * Children should be able to join in at any time * They should be easy enough that a parent or den chief can facilitate them without a lot of instruction * You should be able to end them at any time. You can have gathering activities at both den and pack meetings. Make sure you consider how many Scouts you’ll have as you’re choosing the activity. cub scout gathering activities


Some gathering activities are group games such as the paper plate shuffle or balloon games. Others are more individual such as word puzzles or cootie catchers. Often, you can find a gathering activity that is related to your meeting theme. For example, if your meeting has a bug theme, you can use a word search puzzle with the names of bugs. Or you can play a bug matching game like this one. Below you’ll find several Cub Scout gathering activities ideas. These are all the posts I’ve written that have activities that can be done as gathering activities. If you have fun gathering activities that you use in your den or pack, I would love to highlight them! Email me at [email protected] to tell me about them. Click on any of the gathering activity titles or images to be taken to the article!

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