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What is the Cub Scout Religious Emblems Program?

One of the tenants of Scouting is a reverence to God and a respect for all religions. And for Scouting families who want to go the extra mile, the Cub Scout religious emblems program is there. Read on to learn how your Scout can earn emblems in your faith of choice!

scout religious emblems

The Cub Scout religious emblems program helps reinforce the 12th point of the Scout Law which is “A Scout is reverent.”

Through the religious emblems program, Scouts earn badges by achieving goals created for their particular religion. Participation in this program can begin with Cub Scouts. It continues on through Scouts BSA. There are also achievements that adults can reach in a number of faiths.

Each religion has its own set of emblems available to earn. And the requirements to earn those emblems are created by the individual religion rather than by the Boy Scouts of America. Because of this, some emblems may only take 3 or 4 months to achieve, while others may take much longer.

Scouting's Religious emblems

Getting Started With the Cub Scout Religious Emblems Program

Scouts who wish to take part in the religious emblems program should begin by getting the booklet for their religion. These booklets outline the requirements for earning each emblem available for that faith.

Some religious emblems booklets may be available through your local council. But often, parents will have to contact their religious organization. This Duty to God flyer will give you contact information for the different religions.

Talk to your religious leaders before your Cub Scout begins the program to ensure they are aware of it.

Different Emblems Have Different Requirements

Once they receive the booklet for their faith, parents should read through all the information. It is important to make sure that the age and grade requirements are appropriate for their Scout.

Some programs begin with Cub Scouts. Others don't begin until your Scout transitions to Scouts BSA. Some emblems may be earned by adults, and some have no adult recognition. It should clearly state in the material whether the Scout is required to be a member of the religion or not. This is not always the case.

Finally, parents should learn who may act as a counselor to their Scout. Some religions may require that the counselor must be a member of the clergy while others are fine with the parents or other family members taking this role. However, religious instruction should never come from the Cubmaster or den leader.

The Earning and Presentation of Religious Emblems

In order to earn a religious emblem, a Scout must successfully complete all the listed requirements. Then the Scout must obtain the required signatures to verify their successful completion of that emblem. Finally, the appropriate religious emblem must be obtained.

Because of the nature of these programs, emblems are not available through your local council. Rather, these emblems are available through the Scout's religious institution.

Like other badges, the Scout receives their emblems through a meaningful ceremony. These ceremonies often take place at the Scout's house of worship. Some emblems even come with a suggested presentation ceremony.

Adult Leaders Can Earn Religious Emblems, Too

Adults who wish to earn religious emblems follow a separate path from Scouts. Adults earn emblems for their service to the youth within their religious institution and to Scouts, as well. Presented by nomination only, applications for these awards must include a resume of the leader's work. Letters of recommendation are also helpful.

How Scouts Wear Religious Emblems

Once a Scout earns a religious emblem, they wear it along with the universal religious square knot patch. The patch is worn over the left shirt pocket.

BSA's Religious Award Knot

The silver knot on purple may be worn by either youth members or adult members who earned the knot as a youth. The purple knot on silver may be worn by adult members who have been presented with the recognition. The emblem itself should be worn pinned over the square knot for full uniform occasions.

The religious emblems program is a wonderful option for Scouts who wish to learn more about their religion. Scouts are encouraged to learn more about their faith while building an appreciation for all other religions. Through this program, Scouts can forge a deeper commitment to their religion as well as a deeper reverence for God.

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