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Scouter Spotlight: Patrick Burke

Cub Scout volunteers often find amazing opportunities for their packs. Find out about the inspiring event that Patrick Burke's pack participated in.

Cub Scout Ideas Scouter Spotlight Patrick Burke

Welcome to Scouter Spotlight where we tell you about an awesome Cub Scout volunteer. Today, we're focusing on Patrick Burke.

Patrick is an Eagle Scout who's continuing the Scouting tradition with his son.

I am so impressed with one of the activities that Patrick's pack has done. They greeted an Honor Flight delegation. 

The Honor Flight Network is an organization that transports our veterans to Washington, D.C. to “visit and reflect at their memorials.” Their top priority is getting World War II veterans to Washington.

What an incredible opportunity for our Cub Scouts to see the veterans who served their country so many years ago!

If you're interested in doing this with your pack, check this page for your nearest hub.

Interview with Patrick

What's your name? Patrick Burke

What is your pack number? 367

What is your position in Scouting? Cubmaster

How long have you been involved in Scouting? 39 years

Were you a Scout growing up? If so, what was your rank? Eagle Scout

What are your children's ages and ranks? Joseph is a 7-year-old Wolf

How do you think being a Scout benefits your children? I think the BSA is the single greatest youth organization in America. It teaches them so many things–self-reliance, discipline, compassion, and respect for America, the outdoors, and your fellow man. It impels you to earn things, not wait around for them.

How many kids do you have in your pack? 55

How many dens of each rank do you have in your pack? One per rank

What do you think is the most fun adventure of any ranks? I think the outdoor requirements for each rank are the best. Get outside!!

What has been the most popular activity that your pack has done? A tie between our camping trips and the Pinewood Derby. Everyone loves the Derby, and boys who have never camped before wind up loving it.

What is the most unusual activity that you’ve done with your den or pack? Welcomed home an Honor Flight delegation of World War II Veterans. Those old Vets were moved to tears, which really made an impact on my Cubs.

What is one thing that you think your pack does really well? Recruiting/retention

What one piece of advice would you give to a new leader who is just starting out as a Cub Scout leader? Be enthusiastic, really get involved. Dedicate time to it, and take absolutely every training course available. If you're into it, your Cubs will be into it, your fellow leaders will be into it, your parents will be into it.

A HUGE thank you goes out to Patrick for sharing his Scouting story with us!

I hope Patrick's story has been inspiring to you! I know it is to me.

Yours in Scouting,

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