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7 Cub Scout Recruitment Ideas

Those of us who are already involved in Cub Scouts know how much fun it can be for the boys, but if a boy has never been exposed to Scouting, we need to have some good Cub Scout recruitment ideas.  Many packs hold a recruiting event just after school starts in the fall.  It may be called a “Round Up,” a “Scout Rally Night” or a “Join Cub Scouts Event.”

Regardless of the name, this is an important event for your pack.  A Cubmaster was recently interviewed on CubCast (a BSA scouting podcast) about how he is so successful in recruiting new Cub Scouts.  What he said stuck with me.  He is “selling fun to the boys,” and he is “marketing positive experiences to the parents.” Continue reading

Cub Scout Activity: Alka-Seltzer Rockets

Alka-Seltzer Rocket Supplies

10, 9, 8, 7, 6…  This cool Cub Scout activity has all the elements for a fun den meeting or pack meeting:  boys, rockets and explosions!

This Alka-Seltzer rocket activity was such a hit at a Bear den meeting that I decided to do it with all the Cub Scout ranks during our Cub Scout Day Camp.  200 boys with 200 rocket explosions was GREAT! Continue reading

The Benefits of Scouting: A Grandfather’s Reflection

grant matthew 1

Matthew & I are on the left, and Jessica & Grant are on the right. They were both less than a year old!

We have some family friends that we’ve known for generationsLiterally.  My grandmother and my friend, Jessica’s, grandfather went to school together in the 1930s.

Our families have been woven together so long, we sometimes we forget that we aren’t related!  🙂

I want to share a Cub Scout story that comes from our dear friends.

Jessica has a son named Matthew who is the same age as my son, Grant. Matthew is a Cub Scout too.  Check out their then and now pictures!  What cuties! Continue reading

Ultimate Guide to the Best Star Wars Blue & Gold Banquet

star wars blue and gold banquetWith the release of Star Wars:  The Force Awakens, everyone has contracted Star Wars fever. 🙂 And the Cub Scouts are no exception. So it’s only fitting that our Cub Scouts would want to have a Star Wars themed blue and Gold banquet.

Recently, a reader asked about ideas for a Star Wars Blue and Gold banquet. Wow!  When I started researching this, I couldn’t believe all the great ideas I found.

Below you’ll find some suggestions. I hope they make planning your Star Wars blue and Gold banquet just a little bit easier. Continue reading

Articles to Help You With Your Pinewood Derby

8 pinewood derby articlesPinewood Derby season is here!  It’s probably my favorite Cub Scout event.  I’m always amazed at the creative designs the boys come up with.  And the excitement when the race starts is something you just have to experience to understand.

There are several Pinewood Derby articles here on Cub Scout Ideas, so I wanted to make sure you had easy access to them.  I’ve included links to each one below.

Whether you want to learn about the history of the Derby or you need ideas for Pinewood Derby awards, you’ll find what you need here. Continue reading

How to Make the Best Pinewood Derby Car Ever

Pinewood Derby GuideI am super excited to tell you about a FREE guide that I’m giving away to everyone who subscribes to my email newsletter!  It’s a 12 page guide that will help you create an awesome Pinewood Derby car.  The guide covers topics such as:

  • Knowing the rules before you design your car
  • The parts of your car and how to prepare them for the fastest time possible
  • Drawing your design
  • Cutting out your design (your parents’ job, mostly!)
  • Adding weights
  • Painting and decorating your car
  • Installing the axles and wheels

Continue reading

Down & Derby Movie Review

down and derby 2I’ve shared before that I love the Pinewood Derby!  The excitement of the competition is infectious.  And the look on the boys’ faces when their cars cross that finish line is priceless.

Every boy’s Pinewood Derby car starts with a simple block of wood.  It’s amazing to see the designs the boys make out of that wood.  We’ve had King from the Cars movie, Steve from Minecraft, a Bat Mobile, Bullet Bill, an arrow and a leopard.  I have even built my own car too.  One was a Beyblade car when they were so popular with my boys.  The other was a “Travel Bug” car.  Travel Bugs are popular in geocachingContinue reading