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The Best Pinewood Derby Resources for a Winning Car

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Does your Cub Scout want to have the fastest Pinewood Derby?  Or maybe the coolest car?  Find out how to make both with these Pinewood Derby resources.

Pinewood Derby Resources for Cub Scouts

If you search for “Pinewood Derby cars” on the internet, you will find a plethora of information.  Whether this is your first derby and you just want to know what to do with that block of wood or you're searching for all the latest and greatest speed tips, you'll find all the Pinewood Derby resources you need!

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tornado pinewood derby car

To save you a little search time, I've compiled a list of links to some great websites that can help you build the fastest and the coolest car.

You can get all the tools and supplies your Cub Scout needs to build their Pinewood Derby car in my Amazon store!

If a kid can imagine it, they can build a Pinewood Derby car of it.  Boys' Life magazine has compiled photos of Derby cars for years.  To get the creative process started, have your child check out some of the awesome cars from recent years.

pinewood derby race car

Best Derby Cars from Boys' Life

2020 Pinewood Derby Cars2019 Pinewood Derby Cars2018 Pinewood Derby Cars
2017 Pinewood Derby Cars2016 Pinewood Derby Cars2014 Pinewood Derby Cars
2013 Pinewood Derby Cars2012 Pinewood Derby Cars2011 Pinewood Derby Cars
2010 Pinewood Derby Cars
spongebob pinewood derby car

Free Car Plans

There are free plans available at several sites.  Take advantage of these.  Even if they aren't quite what your Cub Scout wants, these will give you a start.

SMD ScoutsDerby Monkey GarageBoys Dad

Pinewood Derby Car Grid Template

If your Scout wants to design his or her own car, using a grid template can make it easier. Download your free copy by clicking this link: Pinewood Derby Car Grid Template.

How to Build a Derby Car

Now that your Cub Scout has decided on the car they want, how exactly do you build it?  If you're an experienced woodworker, this isn't a problem at all!  But if you've never held a saw before, you'll need some assistance!  🙂

In addition to the Pinewood Derby books like these that are available, here are a few websites you might want to visit.

Basic Building Instructions from ABC Pinewood DerbyHow to Build a 1st Place Pinewood Derby Car from the Art of Manliness
Speed Secrets from Boys’ LifeHow to Build Pinewood Derby Cars from eHow

Pinewood Derby Car App

And “there's an app for that!”  It wouldn't be the 21st century otherwise.

The Pinecar Calculator is a free app for both iOS and Android devices.  It helps you find your car's center of gravity, or it can calculate the amount of weight you need on your front axle to place your center of gravity where you want it.

Click here for the iPhone and iPad app.
Click here for the Android app.

I hope these Pinewood Derby resources are valuable to you.  Good luck in your Pinewood Derby!

Yours in Scouting,

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