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50 of the Most Incredible Blue and Gold Banquet Themes

50 Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet ideas – Choosing your Blue and Gold decorations and centerpieces is easy when you have a theme.

cub scout blue and gold themes ideas

Most Cub Scout packs have a Blue and Gold banquet in February to celebrate Scouting's birthday. It's a great evening of fun for all members of Cub Scout families.

The Blue and Gold banquet does take some planning.  There are several excellent planning guides available online. You can find links in this post to several of them.

Your Blue and Gold banquet theme is one of the first decisions that you need to make. An internet search will give you lots of ideas, but to help you out, I decided to compile a list of 50 theme ideas.

This list was compiled from many sources on the internet as well as a couple of my own ideas. Choose your theme, then brainstorm your decorations and activities to match.

Each of these links goes to a source for party supplies for the theme. Even if your Blue and Gold banquet budget doesn't allow for ordering party supplies, check them out anyway. Looking over them may give you some ideas you can use.

Be sure to check out these 15 Blue & Gold Banquet centerpieces!

  1. Star Wars – Read my post on how to host the ultimate Star Wars Blue and Gold banquet
  2. Olympics
  3. Circus or Carnival
  4. Glow Party – Check out this post with lots of glow stick games and activities.
  5. Patriotic/Presidents
  6. Harry Potter
  7. Western
  8. Luau
  9. Under the Ocean or Under the Sea
  10. Pirates
  11. Under Construction
  12. Knights of the Round Table or Medieval
  13. Jungle or Safari
  14. Fishing
  15. Bugs
  16. Outer Space or Rockets
  17. Aliens
  18. Round the world
  19. Mad Scientist
  20. Game Night
  21. Firefighter
  22. Baseball
  23. Football
  24. Trains
  25. Aviator or Aviation – Love these printables for this theme.
  26. Farm
  27. Sports (in general)
  28. Ice Cream/Soda Shop
  29. Happy Birthday, Cub Scouts or Blue and Gold
  30. Camping – Check out these awesome campfire cupcakes! They are perfect for a camping-themed Blue & Gold banquet.
  31. Candy Land
  32. Minions
  33. Lego – Check out these awesome printables for your Lego Blue and Gold banquet!
  34. Angry Birds
  35. Superhero – Great printables for the Superhero theme.
  36. Magic
  37. Spy or Secret Agent
  38. Camo
  39. Night at the Movies
  40. Minecraft
  41. Robots
  42. Blast from the Past or Decades (60s, 70s, etc.)
  43. Race Car – You could even make it a Pinewood Derby-themed banquet!
  44. Pokemon
  45. Emojis
  46. Zombies
  47. Music
  48. Mardi Gras
  49. Fiesta
  50. Dinosaurs

You'll want to check out these very cool Cub Scout printables on Etsy.

Don't forget that Pinterest is a great resource for game, decoration and food ideas for these and other themes.  Look at Pinterest birthday party ideas too–a Star Wars birthday party may have a super fun activity that you can use for your Blue and Gold banquet.

While you're searching on Pinterest, follow me if you don't already.  🙂

What do you think?  Do any of these look interesting to you?  Leave a comment with other Blue and Gold banquet theme ideas you have!

Yours in Scouting,

P.S.  Shindigz and Windy City have all of the supplies you'll need for your Blue and Gold banquet!  Click over and check them out!

Shindigz...Party. It Just Got Personal.
Windy City Novelties


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