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Ultimate Guide to the Best Cub Scout Star Wars Blue and Gold Banquet

Are your Cub Scouts big Star Wars fans? Throw them an awesome Star Wars Blue and Gold Banquet with these ideas!

Star Wars fans are everywhere. And many of them are Cub Scouts. So it's only fitting that our Cub Scouts would want to have a Star Wars themed blue and Gold banquet.

Recently, a reader asked about ideas for a Star Wars Blue and Gold banquet. Wow! When I started researching this, I couldn't believe all the great ideas I found.

Below you'll find some suggestions. I hope they make planning your Star Wars blue and Gold banquet just a little bit easier.

Check out this Arrow of Light ceremony! It's complete with challenges the Scouts must do prior to receiving their badge.

I love this entire printable package of custom Star Wars Blue and Gold banquet decorations and party pieces.

Star Wars Blue and Gold Banquet Invitations

I love the Akela's Council website. They have lots of great ideas. Check out their Star Wars Blue and Gold banquet invitation. You'll find one that can be personalized for your banquet. All of their resources are available FREE. 

Star Wars Costumed Characters

Now, this is simply AWESOME! There are several costuming groups that will send Star Wars characters to your event.  

Can you imagine the look on the Scouts' faces when Darth Vader or the storm troopers come marching in?

These organizations will visit your event free of charge. They do ask that you make a donation to a charitable organization in their name.

You can find out more about the groups and request an appearance by visiting their websites.

Large Decorations

star wars millennium falcon decoration

The folks at All for the Boys created these amazing DIY cardboard Star Wars vehicles! Just imagine having this Millennium Falcon and Rey's Speeder at the banquet. The Scouts will love it! 

One note:  On the website, All for the Boys shows kids sitting in the vehicles, but they look like they might be preschoolers. If you want your Cub Scouts to sit in the vehicles, you'll need to change the scale.

These giant lightsabers made of balloons are pretty awesome too! They would look great flanking your food table.

Hanging Decorations

Spray paint paper lanterns silver so you can have death stars hanging around your room.

Instead of death stars, you may want hanging storm troopers. The faces are drawn on the white balloons with a permanent marker. It looks simple enough that even I could draw them!

I love these Tie Fighters! The Cub Scouts could even make them at a den meeting a couple of days before your banquet. You only need four things:  black balloons, black pipe cleaners, black cardstock and tape.

If you're better at drawing than I am, you have to see these Star Wars balloon characters

And did you know you can make Star Wars balloon animals? I found them through this Google search.

star wars bunting
Photo courtesy of Jessica McConnel, Babes In Disneyland
Star Wars character bunting

Get a free downloadable “May the Force be with You” bunting or this Star Wars characters bunting. The characters bunting website is in Swedish. It looks very simple, but you can always use Google Translate if you want to read the instructions.

Star Wars Centerpieces

star wars lanterns

Wouldn't these Star Wars tin can lanterns make great centerpieces? This is another craft that the Scouts could make at a den meeting. Use battery operated tea lights in them.

Another idea for centerpieces is to have the Scouts make Star Wars designs out of LegosBrain Power Boy has links to the instructions.

Star Wars centerpiece

For an easy (an inexpensive) centerpiece, make these from supplies you can pick up at the Dollar Tree.

If you have a Cricut cutting machine, you can make these cute Star Wars characters. You'll need to decide if they look a little too cutsie for the Scouts in your pack. You can also use Cricut's Space Party cartridge.

Gathering & Table Activities

overlay photo backdrop for star wars blue and gold banquet

As people arrive at your Blue and Gold banquet, send them over to a photo backdrop similar to this one. You might be able to use a black plastic tablecloth rather than plywood. Hang it on the wall and stick your stars on.

But what I really love is the overlay! Find someone in your pack who uses Picmonkey, and ask that person to be the photographer for the photo backdrop. 

They can even take pictures with their phone. They can then use Picmonkey to add the overlay to the photo. 

Print a photo sticker with an HP Sprocket to give to the Scouts!

There is no shortage of Star Wars coloring pages and activity sheets that you can use as gathering activities! Below are some that I like.

Star Wars Themed Opening Ceremony

Insane Scouter gives us a Star Wars opening ceremony.

Cub Scouts have large cards spelling out STAR WARS. As each one steps forward, he holds up his card and says his line:

“S stands for seek. Seek the mysteries of the future.”
“T stands for Top. Top the obstacles of youth.”
“A stands for Advance. Advance in the Cub Scouting program.”
“R stands for Reap. Reap the fruits of your labors.”
“W stands for Watch. Watch for imperfections.”
“A stands for Attack. Attack you shortcomings.”
“R stands for Reach. Reach for the sky.”
“S stands for Shoot. Shoot for the stars.”

ALL:  “And may the force be with you, all the days of your lives.”

Awards Ceremony

I can't tell you how excited I was to come across this gem while searching on Google. Luke Skywalker (aka Brack Lee) is a member of the Rebel Legion.

After he was asked to visit a pack in Colorado, he wrote this Star Wars Arrow of Light ceremony. Here's how he described the event after it was over.

This event was a big deal to me since a long-time good friend since childhood and Cub Scout Den Leader asked if I would give a 10-15 minute presentation as Luke Skywalker leading the Arrow of Light ceremony, which represents the highest honor in Cub Scouts. I was tasked to speak of the seven virtues of the Arrow of Light, and somehow tie them into the Star Wars Universe, plus keep a bunch of anxious kids interested after they've had dinner and were milling around for over an hour.

My friend came up with the idea of starting the presentation with a video remake of the opening text crawl from Star Wars, which he created. I volunteered my stormtrooper armor to be worn in secret by the adult Pack Leader as a surprise to the kids and audience.

[expand title=”Cub Scout Star Wars Blue and Gold Banquet and Arrow of Light Presentation” tag=”h3″]Luke: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the 2015 Pack 223 Star Wars Blue and Gold Banquet. My name is Luke Skywalker and it is my pleasure to host this episode of tonight’s festivities.

Audio of the Star Wars “Main Title” plays aloud as a Star Wars style opening crawl video is projected.

Text for crawl video:
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…
Pack 223 Blue and Gold Banquet
The time for celebration has arrived. The Webelos have reached Cub Scouts’ highest honor, but there has been stress within the ranks of Den 3 and Den 7.
In their attempts to reach the Arrow of Light, the boys fight against many distractions. Minecraft, LEGOs, and the X Box attack from every side. The Dark Side tempts the young Cub Scout Padawans.
The Rebel Alliance has dispatched an elite team to ensure the Scouts will complete their final requirement and make their celebration, but will they get to the boys in time…

Luke: Now, may I alert your attention to the back of the room.

Two stormtroopers escort the Scouts toward the stage lined two by two.

Luke: Captain, have you retrieved all of the Webelos?

The Cub Scout Pack Leader removes the stormtrooper helmet and reveals his secret identity.

Pack Leader: Yes Commander Skywalker, all of our troops are accounted for.

Luke: Scouts, you have all had a tremendous journey to get here. Please take a seat and relax and we will complete this phase of your training.

Tonight we gather in celebration to honor those Webelos who have earned the Arrow of Light; Cub Scouting’s highest award.

Your journey has been an adventurous one where you have met many new friends with whom you’ve formed an alliance in scouting that will always be a part of the Padawans you are and the Jedi you may become. Your training has enlightened you with new powers of good, resourcefulness and community support. Above all, you have learned what it takes to avoid the Dark Side and live up to the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack. (substitute Scout Oath and Law)

The Arrow of Light is a virtuous honor deemed only for those Scouts who understand that those virtues are a Force to always observe. You may gaze into the stars and wonder what the galaxy holds for you, but always know that Force will help guide you on your path.

I left Tattooine as a boy seeking adventure, but along my way I discovered that the virtues of the Arrow of Light were also what would guide me to resist the Dark Side.

Can any of you tell me the name of the old man from the Dune Sea of Tattooine who first told me of the ways of the Force?

Cue an “Obi-Wan Kenobi” response from the Cub Scouts at the front of the stage…

Luke:  Yes, Obi-Wan Kenobi; one of the last surviving Jedi of the Clone Wars. He represents the virtue of Self-Control.

Self-Control isn’t limited to the control of one’s temper, but of patient control of one’s self in all things. A Jedi with Self-Control knows when it’s time to pause and observe how what you do effects all which surrounds you.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and I encountered a freighter pilot in Mos Eisley who could take us to Alderaan. Do any of you know who the pilot of the Millennium Falcon is?

Cue a “Han Solo” response from the Cub Scouts at the front of the stage…

Luke: Indeed, Han Solo is a brash pilot, but he also represents the virtue of Courage. Han had no trouble facing down the likes of a vile gangster, bounty hunter or even an entire Imperial fleet. Courage doesn’t mean that he outright looked for danger. He simply was able to meet that danger and make brave choices in spite of his worries.

When I recovered R2-D2, he was sent on a mission to find Obi-Wan Kenobi. Do you know who sent R2 to find old Ben Kenobi?

Cue a “Princess Leia” response from the Cub Scouts at the front of the stage…

Luke: That’s right, Princess Leia recorded the message, “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” Hope is also a virtue of the Arrow of Light. Hope means to expect with confidence that positive actions which are set into motion, will accomplish better things for all.

Han Solo’s copilot might yank a droid’s arms out of their sockets if he loses a hologame of Dejarik, but he’s also the most faithful friend in the Galaxy. Who can tell me the name of that walking carpet?

Cue a “Chewbacca” response from the Cub Scouts at the front of the stage…

Luke:  Chewbacca represents the virtue of Faith. Faith is the conviction that what you believe, you know will always be true. Chewbacca had Faith that he could always trust Han Solo, just like a Jedi has faith in the Force, and a Scout puts his faith in God and his family.

There was one other shining hero that joined our adventures to aid the Rebellion against the tyranny of the Empire. He may be the fussy companion of R2-D2, but he is also fluent in over six million forms of communication and programmed for etiquette and protocol. Can anyone guess who that might be?

Cue a “C-3PO” response from the Cub Scouts at the front of the stage…

Luke:  C-3PO excels at following R2 into trouble, but as a protocol droid, he knows what it means to be fair. Threepio represents the virtue of Justice, which is the practice of treating each other fairly regardless of who they are, or what planet they may be from.

Just like you’ve all taken your journey to earn the Arrow of Light, I’ve had my own journey on my path to become a Jedi Knight, like my father before me. In my training, I met a great Jedi Master whose wisdom had taught me that size mattered not because a Jedi’s strength flows from the Force. Who can tell me the name of that wise Jedi Master?

Cue a “Yoda” response from the Cub Scouts at the front of the stage…

Luke:  The virtue of Wisdom is what Master Yoda had used to oversee my Jedi Training. Wisdom is more than having knowledge, but the ability to use that knowledge in the right way and for the right purpose.

My father, Darth Vader, failed to see the Wisdom it took to resist the Dark Side of the Force; however, I was guided by the seventh virtue of the Arrow of Light to help him ultimately rediscover the good in himself.

Love is the seventh virtue of the Arrow of Light.  It was the Love that I had for my father, which convinced me that he could be saved from the Dark Side. Ultimately, it was Anakin Skywalker, hidden under the shell of Darth Vader whose Love for me, his son, gave him the Self-Control, Courage, Hope, Faith, Justice and Wisdom to choose the Light Side and defeat the Emperor. He saved my life and saved the galaxy. Anakin Skywalker became one with the Force again due to all of the virtues represented by the Arrow of Light.

Tonight, I am honored to help introduce the Pack 223 recipients of the Arrow of Light. May the Force be with you, Always.[/expand]

Games and Activities

Jessica Bucher's blog, The Tangerine, details her son's birthday party. She has two fun games that they played:  Pin the Lightsaber on Yoda and Stormtrooper Can Toss. They are easy and inexpensive.

storm trooper can toss
pin the tail on yoda

Here are more fun games. And if you want a full-blown Jedi Training Academy, use these suggestions.

Your Cub Scouts will probably want lightsabers. Find out how to make them with pool noodles here–they even tell you how to make them light up. 

Of course, I have visions of the kids beating each other up with them. These could be great favors for the Scouts to take home at the end of the night.

You'll need to think about the number of kids you have and the size of your facility when you're choosing games.

If your Cub Scouts like crafts, try these:  Build an R2-D2 or make an R2-D2 pencil cup.

Don't forget that a quick search of Pinterest will give you hundreds of ideas. While you're there, go ahead and follow me!

Star Wars Food

In keeping with your Star Wars theme, you'll want Star Wars foodThis post has free printable food labels and an entire list of food names such as Hutt Dogs (hot dogs), Vader Taters (tater tots), Wookie cookies (cookies), and Jedi Juice (juice boxes).

death star watermelon

Here are more ideas:

I hope this has given you some fun things to do for your Star Wars Blue and Gold Banquet. If you find more ideas, share a link in the comments.

Yours in Scouting,

P.S.   Check out one of these six Blue and Gold Banquet planning guides.


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