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How to Make a Cool Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Pit Pass

Pinewood Derby is an exciting time for Cub Scouts. Add to the fun by making a Pit Pass for each of the Scouts. They'll feel like they're in an actual race!

Pinewood Derby Pit Pass

Many, many thanks to The Idea Door Files for this uber-cool Pinewood Derby Pit Pass!  I decided to print these for our Derby contestants, and they were a huge hit!  We had several Boy Scouts who helped us with the Derby, and they wanted one too.

When you go to The Idea Door Files, you'll see the link for a pdf file with 4 passes on a page.  I printed that one on cardstock, wrote numbers on the lines and cut them out.  I then laminated them.

I used some lanyards that I had from another project so that the kids could wear them around their necks.

You can get some inexpensive black lanyards for the Scouts. Or check out these brightly colored lanyards.

Don't have a laminating machine? They aren't too expensive, and I've used mine for so many different projects.

Lindsay had a great idea that she shared in a comment. On the backs of the Pit Passes, she printed a chart so that the Scouts could record their rank, car's name, and results for each race.

Check out Lindsay's pin on Pinterest to see what the chart looks like.

Instead of laminating the passes, her pack purchased 4″ x 6″ badge holders for the Pit Passes. That way, the Scouts can take out their Pit Passes to write the information on the back.

I love Lindsay's idea! The Scouts will be able to look back and remember how their Pinewood Derby car's performance.

Want to see more Pit Pass designs? There are quite a few on Etsy. You can also find lots of other Pinewood Derby printables, including this super cool driver's license!

pinewood derby driver's license
Image copyright Tidy Lady Printables

What do you do to jazz up your Pinewood Derby?

Yours in Scouting,

P.S. Check out all of my Pinewood Derby resources!

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Wednesday 10th of May 2017

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for these, We used them with our den for the Pinewood Derby. Instead of laminating them, we used 4x6 ID badge holders (yeah bulk buys on amazon!). Then we printed on the back as well so that they could track how they did at the derby. The boys loved them. Thank you so much for the idea and image!

Lydia James

Wednesday 21st of January 2015

Love this! Going to have pit passes this year....yeah!