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Cub Scout Gathering Activity: The Smile Game

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Cub Scout Gathering Activity: Smile Game

The smile game is such a fun game that can be played quickly as a Cub Scout gathering activity or as an active game when the boys have been sitting too long.

It can also be used to complete Bear Elective Adventure – Roaring Laughter 4:  With a partner, play a game that makes you laugh.

The other wonderful attribute of this Cub Scout gathering activity game is that there are NO supplies required–just some boys!

Pick one person to be the first “it”.  The rest of the boys circle around “it”.  “It” selects a player and walks up to him.  “It” asks the player, “Honey, do you love me?,” and the person being asked must answer, “Honey, I love you, but I just can't smile.”

“It” may not touch the player, but he may make funny faces or talk in a funny voice.  If the player laughs or smiles, he becomes “it,” and “it” joins the circle.

I played this with my husband and my Cub Scouts recently, and none of them could keep a straight face when I was “it!”  So, expect lots of laughter during the game.

Yours in Scouting,

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