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Team Building Activity: Paper Plate Shuffle

This paper plate shuffle game is an excellent team building activity for Scouts (or any kid) of all ages. You only need a few paper plates, and you're ready to start the game. It teachs kids how to work together to solve problems.

paper plate shuffle team building activity

The lowly paper plate is something that should be in everyone's Cub Scout den bucket.  Scouts can turn them into puppets, frisbees, masks and drawing canvases just to mention a few.

They don't need to be expensive–just the simple white ones will work.  If you have a few in your supplies, you can easily play a game to keep the Scouts busy during a lull in a Cub Scout den or pack meeting.

One fun game to play is the Paper Plate Shuffle.  Parents play too!  It's a great team building game–perfect as a gathering activity!

paper plate shuffle

Divide group into equal teams.  Give each person a paper plate, and give each team an extra paper plate.  Set up a start line and a finish line.

The goal is to move from start to finish by stepping only on the paper plates.  The most effective way is to move forward in single file.

Each person stands on their paper plate.  The last person passes the extra plate quickly up the line to the first person, who puts in on the ground.  The team then moves forward one step (one plate) by stepping on the new plate.  Players must always stay on the plates.

how to play paper plate relay

The twist is that we don't tell the Scouts how to play the game.  They have to figure it out on their own.

The Paper Plate Shuffle can be used for these adventures:

Tiger Adventure – Games Tigers Play 1a:  Play two initiative or team-building games with the members of your den.

Tiger Elective Adventure – Earning Your Stripes 5:  Play a game with your den. Then discuss how your den played politely.

Tiger Elective Adventure – Tiger-iffic! 3:  Play a problem-solving game with your den.

Tiger Elective Adventure – Tiger-iffic! 6:  Play a team game with your den.

Wolf Adventure – Running With the Pack 4:  Play a sport or game with your den or family, and show good sportsmanship.

Bear Elective Adventure – Grin and Bear It 1:  Play a challenge game or initiative game with the members of your den. Take part in a reflection after the game.

paper plate shuffle game

The game is hilarious to watch as people try to figure out how to do it–especially if you know the answer! 

But it gives our Scouts an opportunity to practice their problem-solving skills in a small group.  I love it when something fun is teaching them a life skill!

Yours in Scouting,

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Barbara Aldridge

Thursday 5th of October 2023

I am new to scouting and got drafted into becoming a den leader with pack 268, Chickasaw Council Mphs, TN (wolves and bears). I absolutely love your ideas. I will definitely incorporate them into our den meetings. Oh,and thank you for relating them to the requirements.

Kyle Wilk

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

This activity worked out well. Also like how you list the requirements that translate to the activity.

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Friday 13th of October 2017

With this game, do i just give the kids the paper plates and explain they need to make from point a to b with only stepping on paper plates?

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