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How To Learn The Scout Oath And Law With Fun Puzzles

Learning the Scout Oath and Law is fun for your Cub Scouts with these simple puzzles made from craft sticks. Perfect for gathering activities or any time.

Oath and Law Puzzles for Cub Scouts

Do any of you remember playing the game Pick Up Sticks where you dropped a handful of sticks on the table then tried to pick them up one at a time without disturbing the rest?

craft stick oath and law puzzle for cub scouts

This activity was inspired by that game! It will help the Scouts learn or review the Scout Oath and Scout Law for their Bobcat requirements.

It can also be used as a quick gathering activity. I keep it in my Cub Scout bin so I can pull it out at a moment's notice.

oath and law puzzle

The only supplies you need are a marker (I used a Sharpie) and a few craft sticks.

If you don't already have a box of craft sticks, stop what you're doing and order a box! I can't tell you how many you'll wind up needing during your career as a Cub Scout leader. And get the large ones and the small ones.

Scout oath and law craft stick puzzle

Simply write one line of the Scout Oath and one point of the Scout Law on each stick. If you want the Scouts to write it themselves, they will probably need to write just a couple of words on each stick. Even with the large craft sticks, I'm not sure they can get a line on each one.

scout oath and law puzzle

I made several sets and bundled them together with rubber bands. Give each child a set, and have him hold the sticks perpendicular to the table. When you say go, she drops the sticks and starts arranging them in order.

craft sticks oath and law puzzle

This can be played several different ways:

  1. Each kid plays individually.
  2. Scouts can be paired up to work together.
  3. Games can be timed with a winning boy or team announced.
  4. Times can be recorded, and Scouts can try to beat their best time.

With just a couple of minutes, a few sticks and a pen, you can have a fun activity for your Scouts!

Yours in Scouting,

P.S. If you liked this game, check out more Scout Oath and Law games and activities.


Wednesday 13th of September 2023

have you tried circuit testers. I use file folders, tin foil. use a sharp pencil and punch a hole. Put question or picture beside hole..then put answer on other side of folder punch hole. turn over folder and put rolled up foil string from hole to hole and cover with masking tape. when all foil is attached from both sides cover whole back of folder with paper. I use paper grocery bag. use circuit tester from question to answer the kids love it when the light comes on. use for P & L, nature Id's...trees, leaves, birds, geography.. anything really. Love your newsletter. I am new to scouting but 36 years as Guider.

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