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3 Fun & Free Cub Scout Word Search Puzzles to Download

Cub Scout word search puzzles are a fun activity for the kids in your den or pack. You can download and print three free puzzles–one for Cub Scouts in general, one for the Scout Law, and one for the Pinewood Derby.

Cub Scout word search puzzles f

Cub Scout word search puzzles are a great tool to have for your den or pack. If you have a few of these printed out and stashed in your den bucket with a few pencils, you can whip them out any time you need an extra activity.

We've all worked word searches–the ones in the back of a magazine in the doctor's office waiting room, the ones in word search books, or the high tech ones on a smartphone app like this one for iOS or this one for Android devices.

You may have even done word searches with your grandmother when you were younger. My friend remembers using two different colored pens with her grandmother. They would see who could find the most words. That's such a great memory for her!

working a cub scout word search puzzle

My boys love word search puzzles–especially my youngest son. And I've been known to search for a few words using my word search app. ? I think the appeal is a sense of accomplishment we get when we find that pattern and can cross off that word.

If you really enjoy word search puzzles, here are ten tips to help you solve them. 

Your kids may have even brought home a word search homework assignment.    The Gifted Guru gives us some benefits of word searches.  But there's quite a debate about the educational benefit of word searches over on the Reading Rockets blog.

Regardless of their educational value, many kids like them because they're fun!

How to Use Cub Scout Word Search Puzzles

Cub Scout word search puzzles can be used for several different reasons.

  1. Use them as a gathering activity. Word search puzzles are a perfect Cub Scout gathering activity. The Cubs can start when they get there. If they don't finish before the meeting starts, they can complete them at home.
  2. Use them at special events. Whether it's your Pinewood Derby or your Blue and Gold banquet, these puzzles are great to have out. If there's a lull in the action, your kiddo can fill the time looking for words.
  3. Use them when you finish early. Sometimes the kids finish your planned activities early. While I love letting them go outside and play until their parents arrive, that's not always possible. A word search is a good alternative to keep them busy.
  4. Use them when an activity flops. We've all been there. We plan something that we think will be super fun, and the kids hate it. If that happens to you, give them a word search to complete.
  5. Use them to help reinforce something. If your Scouts are learning the Scout Law, searching for the points can help them learn it.

How to Get Your Cub Scout Word Search Puzzles

I made three word searches for you. Oh, and I included an answer key! 🙂

  • A general Cub Scout word search with words like Akela, Webelos, and Scout Oath
  • A Scout Law word search with all of the points of the Scout Law
  • A Pinewood Derby word search

You can download these to your computer, and print just the one you want. Just enter your email address below, and I'll send it to you!

Get the Word Searches!

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