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4 Fun and Free Pinewood Derby Printable Activities

Grab your FREE Pinewood Derby printable activities sheets! These are perfect for keeping Cub Scouts (and siblings) entertained during your race.

Free Pinewood Derby Printable Activities

The Pinewood Derby is arguably the most popular Cub Scout event of the year. And while it's super exciting to watch the race, it can get a little boring when your car isn't on the track. Pinewood Derby printable activities can help keep the kids entertained!

Pinewood Derby Printable Activities

Activity sheets are a fun pastime for your race! They’re perfect for siblings who might not be participating in the Derby, and they’re a great way to keep the Cub Scouts entertained when their car isn’t racing.

The printables and pencils or crayons are all you need.

You can snag this FREE Pinewood Derby printable game set by entering your email in the box near the bottom of this post.

Printable Activities for your Pinewood Derby

The game set includes the following:

  • 2 crossword puzzles–an easy one for younger Scouts and one that's a bit more difficult for older Scouts
  • A maze
  • A cryptogram puzzle
  • Solutions for all four

Note: The cryptogram puzzle would be great practice for these adventures.

Word Search Puzzles

Word search activity sheets are another great printable to use for your pack.

Get three free Cub Scout word search puzzles including one for the Pinewood Derby. They're not just for the Derby–they're great for den and pack meetings too.

working a cub scout word search puzzle

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are always a hit. They don't have to be specific to the Pinewood Derby. Here are some links to free ones you can download.

I love all the cool Pinewood Derby printables on Etsy!

Other Pinewood Derby Activities

Many packs make the Pinewood Derby a festive occasion. Some ideas of things to do are:

  • Decorate your event space
  • Have a photo booth
  • Serve yummy food
  • Set up a craft station
  • Give the contestants a “pit pass”
  • Play music

Pinewood Derby Decorations

Some packs decorate for their race. You can find lots of race car party decorations to choose from.

Even if it’s just hanging up some checkerboard flags, decorations can make your race more exciting.

Photo Booth Ideas for Pinewood Derby

Having your picture taken with your car at a Pinewood Derby photo booth is always fun. Use the Sprocket portable printer to print photo stickers for all of the participants.

A photo booth does double duty by serving as a cool decoration.

best pinewood derby photo booth idea

Raisin Racer Craft

One fun thing to do is build Raisin Racers. Who would have thought that coloring a picture of a car and taping it around a box of raisins would be so engaging?

cub scout raisin racer car

Make a Neckerchief Slide

The Cub Scouts can make this simple Pinewood Derby neckerchief slide while they're waiting on their turn to race.

cub scout pinewood derby neckerchief slide 2

Pit Pass Idea

We used these free printable pit passes for the Cub Scouts. You can find more pit passes on Etsy.

cub scout pinewood derby pit pass

Pinewood Derby Music Playlist

Nothing gets a party started like music! Check out these car-related songs on my Pinewood Derby music playlist.

Pinewood Derby Food

It wouldn't be a party without delicious Pinewood Derby food. Here are a few ideas for you.

race car pinewood derby treats

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You can find lots of great Pinewood Derby printables on Etsy. Check out all the options including these cool signs that have girl and boy Cub Scouts.

etsy pinewood derby signs

Now it's your turn! Tell me what your pack does for your Pinewood Derby by leaving a comment below!

Yours in Scouting,

P.S. You can get all the tools and supplies your Cub Scout needs to build their Pinewood Derby car in my Amazon store!

Printables for Pinewood Derby


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