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How to Make Rice Krispie Treat Pinewood Derby Refreshments

Need some Pinewood Derby refreshments that Cub Scouts will love? Check out the car and stop light made from Rice Krispie treats!

cub scout pinewood derby refreshments p

Pinewood Derby refreshments can really make your annual event even more exciting than it is! And having them serves two purposes.

  1. Keeps the Cub Scouts (and younger siblings) from getting hungry. I remember how cranky my boys got when they were hungry. Oh, wait. They're teenagers now, and they still get cranky when they're hungry.
  2. Keeps the Cub Scouts entertained. When their car isn't racing, the Scouts can get bored really quickly. Having something for them to do is a great idea.

You can find lots of themed Pinewood Derby refreshments. Check out my posts with healthy Pinewood Derby snacks and with cool Pinewood Derby treats.

rice krispie treats from adventures of mel
Mel's Rice Krispie treats look sooo yummy!

My friend Mel from Adventures of Mel has a great recipe for homemade easy Rice Krispie treats including some tips on how to make them extra yummy. Making them from scratch would be a fun family activity. Then you could make snowmen and decorate them like Mel and her family did.

For my examples, I went with store-bought treats. These worked best for me because they are all the same size.

I made two Pinewood Derby refreshments from Rice Krispie treats–a car and a stop light.

ingredients for rice krispie treats pinewood derby refreshments

Here's what you'll need.

  • Rice Krispie Treats (homemade or store-bought)
  • M&Ms (the plain version)
  • Frosting (vanilla works just fine)

How to Assemble Pinewood Derby Refreshments

For the cars, you'll need one and a half treats, six M&Ms, and a little bit of frosting.

Start by cutting a treat in half. Center a half on top of another treat. Push gently until they stick together.

assembly of rice krispie treats pinewood derby refreshments

Mine stuck together without a problem, but you could also use some frosting to attach the two pieces of Rice Krispie treats.

Next, put a little dab of frosting on each of your M&Ms. The easiest way to do this is to use a plastic storage bag as a cake decorating piping bag.

rice krispie treats car assembly pinewood derby refreshments

To make your piping bag, put the frosting in the bag, and push it toward one of the bottom corners. Push the excess air out, and seal the bag. Cut a little piece of the corner off.

It's easy to cut too much off, so be sure you start by cutting a little tiny piece. You can always cut off more if you need to.

Gently squeeze a bit of frosting onto the M&M. Attach two M&Ms to each of the sides of the car to make the wheels. You can also add M&Ms as headlights like I did.

rice krispie treats car wheel placement pinewood derby refreshments

Note: I thought the M&Ms might stick to the treats without using frosting. This didn't work well. You have to push the candies into the treat, and that causes the treats to become misshaped.

stop light pinewood derby refreshments

The stop lights are super easy. Just cut the treats in half and attach red, yellow, and green M&Ms with the frosting!

Pinewood Derby Activity

You can make these Pinewood Derby refreshments ahead of time. Or you could make this a combo activity and snack like the raisin racers.

This activity will probably need some supervision. We've had pretty good luck asking the teen siblings to monitor activities like this. This is also a good way to get the Boy Scouts from your local troop involved.

I love all the cool Pinewood Derby printables on Etsy!

I would cut some of the treats in half ahead of time. That will be much easier than trying to cut them at the Derby.

The frosting piping bags will split if they're squeezed too hard. We know that some of the Cub Scouts will do that.

pinewood derby refreshments

Come prepared by making several bags of frosting. Just put a couple of tablespoons of frosting in each one.

Make sure you cover the tables before you start! For activities like this, I use the cheap plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree. That way, you can just roll up all the mess in the tablecloth and throw it away.

Dollar Tree is also a good place to get paper plates for the kids to put their treats on while they're decorating them (and matching napkins).

I hope your Cub Scouts love these Pinewood Derby refreshments made from Rice Krispie treats!

Yours in Scouting,

P.S. Check out all of my Pinewood Derby ideas!

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Thursday 18th of April 2019

Sherry, thank you so much for sharing my Rice Krispie treats recipe! These are so cute!