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17 Pinewood Derby Food Ideas Your Cub Scouts Will Love

Use these fun Pinewood Derby food ideas to turn your race into a party! Your Cub Scouts and siblings will love the festive refreshments and treats.

pinewood derby foods

The Pinewood Derby is a great family event for Cub Scouts. Your pack can turn it into a party by serving cool Pinewood Derby food.

Serving food at your Derby gives those kiddos something to do when their car isn't on the track. And keeping little bellies full is always a good thing!

You can find so many fun race car-themed food ideas when you search on Pinterest. And, they're perfect for the Pinewood Derby.

Check out these 17 Pinewood Derby food ideas!

Pinewood Derby Sandwiches

pinewood derby sandwich

Race Car SandwichesAbout a Mom made these incredible race car sandwiches. I love the pickle hat that's on the driver's head (which is a cherry tomato).

These don't look too hard to make. But, if you have a big pack, it'll take a lot of cucumbers for all of the kids to have a driver. You could use this sandwich as a centerpiece for your Pinewood Derby food.

pinewood derby sandwich fixings

Sandwich Fixings Cut Out With Car Cookie Cutter – This idea comes to us from Julie Zaruba's old website. She simply used a car-shaped cookie cutter to cut out car-shaped cheese, lunch meat, and bread. Kids could assemble their own car sandwiches.

The Cub Scouts could even cut out their own lunch meat and cheese during the Derby. I would probably cut the bread myself rather than letting the kids do it. I think it would be too easy for the bread to tear or getting totally mashed down if the Cub Scouts do it.

pinewood derby hot dogs

Hot Dog Race Cars – These race car hot dogs are from Eating Richly. She uses a little piece of cucumber inside a hollowed-out cherry tomato for the head. The cucumber is the face, and the tomato is a helmet. But you could just use the tomato without the cucumber for a fun Pinewood Derby food item.

Pinewood Derby Snacks

pinewood derby bugle cones

Traffic Cone Bugles – The Hostess with the Mostest used Bugles as traffic cones. That's a great way to add something crunchy to go with the sandwiches.

pinewood derby veggie dip sticks

Mater's Dip SticksCelery and carrots serve as dip sticks. This idea comes from Kate's 3rd birthday party by All Things G & D.

pinewood derby dip sticks

Dip SticksCooper & Chloe took the term “dip stick” literally by dipping pretzel rods into chocolate. If you didn't want the sweetness, you could just serve pretzel rods.

celery peanut butter healthy pinewood derby snack

Peanut Butter or Cream Cheese Filled Celery – Recently, I put together some healthy Pinewood Derby treats. Fill celery sticks with either peanut butter or cream cheese and add grapes as wheels. Add a Teddy Graham as a driver to make this a cute and yummy Pinewood Derby food.

Pinewood Derby Fruit

pinewood derby fruit stoplight

Stop Light Fruit – This article on Nickelodeon Parents shows you how to create stop lights out of fruit.

apple healthy pinewood derby snacks

Fruit Race Cars – Check out these race cars made out of fruit. Start with an apple or orange slice, add grapes for wheels, and a checkered flag toothpick.

Pinewood Derby Candy

race car molded candy

Molded Chocolate Race CarsRenee's Soirees used Candy Melts in various colors to make race car lollypops. Pour the melted Candy Melts into a race car mold like this one. You could also use chocolate rather than the Melts.

pinewood derby candy bars

Candy Bar Race Cars – Paula from the Frosted Fingers blog made these sweet race cars out of candy bars. They were a big hit for her pack. She said she was able to make 100 in about an hour, so click over and find out how she did it.

Pinewood Derby Treats

race car pinewood derby treats

Race Cars Made With Swiss Rolls or Twinkies – I used prepackaged Little Debbie Swiss rolls and twinkies to make these yummy Pinewood Derby treats.

pinewood derby spare tires donuts

Chocolate Donut Spare Tires – The Workman Family's son had a truck-themed birthday party. Their chocolate coated donuts were spare tires. Very clever! And nice to have a Pinewood Derby food that doesn't require any work on your side.

pinewood derby refreshments

Rice Krispies Treats – I used store-bought rice krispies treats to construct cars and red lights, but you can also make your own.

Pinewood Derby Cupcakes

pinewood derby cupcakes with hot wheels

Cupcakes With Hot Wheels on TopThrough Clouded Glass used Hot Wheels to top cupcakes for a race car birthday party. The kids could take home a new Hot Wheels car as a favor.

pinewood derby cupcakes

Cupcakes With Cars Made From Mini Candy Bars – Check out how The Joys of Boys topped their Pinewood Derby cupcakes with race cars made out of candy.

pinewood derby cupcakes with candy bars

Here's another version of cupcakes topped with candy bar race cars. I'm not sure who originally made these. If you do, let me know so that I can give them credit.

So, what do you think? Which of these race car ideas will you serve as your Pinewood Derby food?

Yours in Scouting,

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