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Free Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plans Save You Time

Cub Scout pack meeting plans save time when you're preparing for your meetings. Developed by BSA, the plans are a FREE resource for us. Cub Scout monthly themes are fun for the Scouts and easy for us to execute.

cub scout pack meeting plans

In the past, BSA developed Cub Scout pack meeting plans for us to download and use free of charge.  There are plans for each point of the Scout Law. The plans are created around the Cub Scout monthly themes.

Although they decided a while back that they would no longer produce new monthly themes with corresponding plans, we can still use the old plans.

no more pack meeting themes

Below, you'll find links for the plans for 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018. The great thing about having access to prior plans is that we have multiple plans for each point of the Scout Law and the Cub Scout monthly theme isn't the same.

For example, you'll find more than one Clean plan, more than one Reverent plan, etc.  Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Don't forget that I have free Cub Scout pack meeting planners for your use!

I reviewed the three monthly themes/plans for Clean. The one from 2015-2016 is “Cubservation” which focuses on keeping the outdoors clean when we are hiking or camping. The meeting closes with everyone saying the Outdoor Code.

cub scout pack meeting picnic

2016-2017's monthly theme is “A Picnic with Pizzazz.” The focus is on keeping our minds and bodies clean with good food and exercise. This plan is perfect if your pack is planning a picnic**.

**Note about pack picnics: If you are having a pack picnic, let your den leaders know. There are several adventures that have either food- or cooking-related requirements. Here's a list for your convenience.

Tiger adventure,  Tiger Bites
Wolf adventure, Running with the Pack
Bear adventure, Bear Picnic Basket
Webelos adventure, Stronger, Faster, Higher
Arrow of Light adventure, Personal Fitness

The 2018 monthly theme is “Destination Parks” which discusses keeping our natural parks clean. This is similar to the Cubservation theme, but it focuses a bit more on local green areas rather than the world at large. The activities are different too.

So, take a look at all three options. You can reuse a Cub Scout pack meeting plan by making some minor changes. The Scouts aren't likely to remember anyway! 🙂

Use these Cub Scout monthly themes for other events too. For example, if you are having a medieval Blue & Gold banquet theme, check out the November 2016 plan for ideas.

These plans are a great resource for den leaders too. They may want to use some of the activities for their adventures.

cub scout pack meeting

The plans have all you need for a fun and successful meeting.  Each one has:

  • A monthly theme that matches the point of the Scout Law
  • Instructions for setting up the meeting
  • A fun gathering activity
  • An opening ceremony and prayer
  • Reminders for a welcome, introductions and den demonstrations
  • An audience participation activity
  • Recognition for earned adventure loops and pins
  • Theme-based rank advancement ceremony
  • A Cubmaster's Minute script
  • A closing ceremony
  • Any resources needed for the meeting

In addition to helping with an entire meeting, these plans also allow you to pick and choose activities for den meetings or other events.  If you don't have many gathering activity ideas for your den meetings, you can use these. Need ceremony ideas?  Pull them from these plans.

You can find the Cub Scout pack meeting plans on BSA's website, but I'm also posting them here for your convenience.

Points of the Scout Law
"Let the Games Begin""Cub Scout Investigators""The Great Race"
"Our National Treasures""Cubs in the Future""Scout Salute"
"To the Rescue""Jobs, Jobs, Jobs""Cubs in Action"
"#CUBSCOUTS""Treasure Hunters""Friends Near and Far"
"Cubs in Shining Armor""How the West Was Won""S'More Cub Scout Fun"
"Creepy Crawlers""Paying It Forward""My Animal Friends"
"Cub Scout City Council""Wheel into Summer""It's a Hit"
"Celebrate""Abracadabra""Strike Up the Band"
"Power Up!""A-Camping We Will Go""Cubstruction"
"Roaming Reptile Alert""Home of the Brave""Super Cub!"
"A Picnic with Pizzazz""Destination Packs""Cubservation"
"Passport to Other Lands""Cubs Give Thanks""Winter Wonderland"

These next four plans are not specific to the points of the Scout Law, but there are some good activities in them.

Health & Fitness - "Backyard Fun"
June: Perserverance - "Go for the Gold"
Courage - "Under the Sea"
Honesty - "Play Ball"

What do you think?  Will having these plans make your pack meetings easier and more fun?

Yours in Scouting,

P.S. Need resources for skits, jokes, and run-ons? Check out these books by Thomas Mercaldo! I own several of them, and they're great!

P.P.S.  These meeting plans are copyright of the Boy Scouts of America.  The links to them are posted here for your convenience.

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Janelle Hillyard

Wednesday 22nd of August 2018

THANK YOU! I couldn't find these today and panicked! I sure appreciate your update info and easy access! I'm NOT creative so really rely on these resources. I agree, that there's plenty from the past to go off and slightly tweak if necessary. Again, THANK YOU!

K Mills

Wednesday 21st of September 2016

When you take the flag out at the end of a Pack meeting, you RETRIEVE the colors. Retiring the colors means you are going to destroy the flag by burning or burying the flag. It's a common mistake, but needs to be corrected.


Friday 30th of September 2016

Hi, there! Are you seeing this in one of the plans themselves? If so, you would need to contact the BSA directly. They are the ones who created these.

I'm glad you told me this! I'll make sure that anything I do says "retrieve." Thanks!

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