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Wolf Paws on the Path

Paws on the Path, a Wolf Required Adventure

These requirements are effective June 4, 2024

The Wolf Cub Scout handbook says,”It is time to go outside! Every journey begins with just one step, and that first step can take you on a fun-filled adventure simply by going outside for a walk, just like the one you and your Wolf den are about to take.

Where you take your walk is up to your den. It may be a walk around the center of your city or town, it may be at a local park with a trail, or it may be a trail in a forest. No matter where you take your walk, you will see signs of nature in different forms.

Read on to discover this adventure’s requirements and fun ways to complete them!


  1. Identify the Cub Scout Six Essentials. Show what you do with each item.
  2. Learn about the buddy system and how it works in the outdoors. Pick a buddy for your walk.
  3. Identify appropriate clothes and shoes for your walk outside. Do your best to wear them on your walk.
  4. Learn about the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principles for Kids.
  5. With your den, pack, or family, take a walk outside for at least 30 minutes to explore nature in your surroundings. Describe four different animals, domestic or wild, that you could see on your walk.