Webelos Transition into 2015-2016 New Cub Scout Program

Webelos TransitionOne of the biggest concerns that most of us had about the new Cub Scout program was how boys in the middle of their Webelos years would be impacted.  At first, we were told that boys would have to switch to the new program.  I, along with many of you, thought this was the wrong decision.

I am extremely happy to report that the Boy Scouts of America took our feedback and changed this.  It was actually announced during the Cub Scout training class that I attended at Philmont Scout Ranch.

Now, dens of boys who have earned their Webelos rank as of June 1, 2015 and who are moving up to the Arrow of Light rank have two options.

In option 1, Webelos dens may continue to work out of the current handbook and complete the Arrow of Light requirements as stated.

In option 2, dens will begin using the new Webelos Handbook and the Webelos Den Leader Guide for the Webelos adventures on July 1, 2015.

There are two stipulations:

  1. Boys must complete the four defined required adventures for the Arrow of Light rank.
  2. In addition, they must complete three elective adventures. To satisfy the requirement for the three electives, boys may utilize EITHER the new adventure electives OR activity badges earned under the current program.  However, the activity badges must not have be used to fulfill the Webelos rank requirements.

To read more about the transition including recommendations for our LDS packs, click over to this document.

Will your pack choose option 1 or option 2?

Yours in Scouting, Sherry

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14 thoughts on “Webelos Transition into 2015-2016 New Cub Scout Program

  1. Stacey

    Thanks for the info! I am a bear leader in an LDS pack, so the document you linked to was really helpful. Thanks again for the time and energy you put into this site.


    1. Sherry Post author

      Hi, Paula! The changes aren’t as scary as you would think, but I am glad Webelos will have the option too. The new books aren’t totally written yet, but I was able to see a sampler book which had a couple of adventures for each rank. I’m not sure that they are easier to follow, but I do know the advancement is much easier!

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Lisa

        There are a lot of things to take into consideration. The transition actually looks pretty easy to me considering we can use the old activity badges to fulfill some of the requirements of the new program. Things to consider: Does your Cubmaster want the entire Pack using the same program (unity)? Will your tracking software track both programs? Will the old recognition devices be easily available from your Scout store? Will your Web-1 be going summer camp and what program will they be using? A good place to see what the new program will look like: http://usscouts.org/usscouts/advance/cubscout/webelos-aol-elective-2015.asp

        1. Sherry Post author

          Lisa, I’m glad you shared your opinion. I hadn’t thought about the software issue. And, you should definitely find out about camp.

          The old recognition devices will be available. If you can’t get them from your local Scout shop, you can order them on ScoutStuff.org.

          You can also see all of the changes here on my site too! This link to see the entire program: http://cubscoutideas.com/new-cub-scout-program-2015/

  2. Jennifer

    Hi! I don’t think I am quite understanding this… If you choose option 1 you can work out of the old handbook to complete arrow of light or you can choose option 2 which allows you to work on things only from the new handbook? Option 1 would you still have to complete the new stuff? This is where I am confused. I am sorry, but I hope that you could clarify this. Thanks in advance!

    1. Sherry Post author

      If you choose option 1, you will complete everything from the old handbook. You will not have to complete anything from the new handbook.

      If you choose option 2, the boys must complete the 4 Arrow of Light required adventures. They also must complete 3 electives. The 3 electives can be out of the new handbook or they may use activity badges they’ve completed already from the current program. The only stipulation is that those activity badges can’t be ones they used to earn their Webelos badge.

      Let me know if this doesn’t make sense!

  3. Nicole

    I will be working with our Weblos 1 on the new adventure, but our Webelos 2 leader will finished the old book and Arrow of light requirements.

  4. Mark

    My son started in Webelos in August so I know we are on the new program. I am trying to figure out exactly what all my son can earn as awards outside of the adventure badges. We have seen the belt loops and pins and he was wanting to earn some of them. Plus he is also very into STEM and we were wondering if the STEM awards are still able to be earned. I am just trying to find out what all awards my sons den can earn both individually and as a group. I just found this site so I am sorry if I have just not found my answer on your site yet. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. Sherry Post author

      Welcome to Cub Scouting! I love that your son wants to earn awards. Unfortunately, the belt loops and pins have been retired, so he can’t earn those.

      BSA has a great STEM program where the boys can earn the Nova or Supernova award. I have a post with links to all of the requirements. Nova Awards

      Here’s a link to a list of other individual awards a boy can earn. Individual Awards Unfortunately, there aren’t links to the requirements for most of the awards listed, so I’m posting them here for you.

      Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award
      Religious Emblems Award
      Cub Scout World Conservation Award
      Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award & Outdoor Ethics Action Award
      Conservation Good Turn Award
      Emergency Preparedness Award

      Your den or pack can earn these awards.

      I think I’ve covered all of them! Let me know if you discover one I’ve missed.


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