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10+ Nifty Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsy Kids Under $15

Finding inexpensive and useful Cub Scout gifts to tuck into their Christmas stockings can be hard! You'll want to check out all these stocking stuffers for campers and Scouts that are less than $15. Perfect for any outdoorsy kids!

cub scout stocking stuffers

Is it as hard for you to pick out stocking stuffers as it is for me? I don't want to buy things my kids will discard right away, and I don't want to spend very much money!

A while ago, Michelle asked a question on the Cub Scout Ideas Facebook page. She wanted ideas for good but inexpensive scout and camping themed Christmas gifts.

Michelle, what's up with planning your Christmas gifts in August?? It's almost Christmas, and I haven't even thought about gifts! 🙂

girl with christmas stocking

Our great group of Scouters on the page gave us some awesome suggestions! Using many of their ideas, I've put together this gift guide for Cub Scout stocking stuffers.

The guide has 12 Cub Scout gifts ideas that are perfect stocking stuffers that are less than $15. They make great gifts to wrap up and put under the tree too.

Campfire Smokeout

Campfire Smokeout is a fast, fun card game for the whole family. And it's pocket-sized, making it super easy to take with you so on your campouts.

Here's the premise of the game:

Don’t get stuck in the smoke! Use your Wind cards to move the Smoke card to another player. If you can’t move the Smoke away, you lost the round–a Smokeout! When the game ends, the player with the fewest Smokeouts wins!

Fire Starter

There are a couple of things I learned when I tried to use our fire starter. You need to scrape the black coating off before you try lighting a fire.

The Scouts will need to be patient and keep trying. Once you get the hang of using it, you'll be able to light a fire quickly.

This gift is for the older Cub Scouts. Not sure I would give a Wolf one of these! 🙂

christmas stockings on mantle rustic

Your Webelos and Arrow of Light Cub Scouts can use the fire starter to help them complete requirements for adventures.

The first requirement of the Webelos required adventure, Cast Iron Chef, is to light a fire. The activity doesn't require that you light it without matches, but it would be fun to try.

The Castaway elective adventure for Webelos and Arrow of Light has them demonstrating how to light a fire without matches!

Hand Crank Flashlight

Don't you hate it when you need a flashlight and the one you grabbed has dead batteries? Nothing more frustrating!

We have a couple of these, and they solve that problem. I would much rather crank for a bit than have to go drag out the battery box.

Cub Scouts love to camp! Get these for your Cub Scouts, and you don't have to worry about checking batteries as you're packing up for the camping trip!

Cap Light

Every rank except Webelos has a campfire program requirement. The Scouts need to do some type of performance–a song, skit, etc. The bright LED lights in the cap lights make incredible spotlights!

Paracord Kit

Paracord is a bit on the expensive side, so the cost can't be beat!

We've made survival bracelets many times, and it's a good activity to keep them busy during the winter months. If your child has never made them before, the kit is a great way to get them going.

Carabiner Mug

Kids can pretend they're drinking coffee just like Mom and Dad do when they use their carabiner mug. And walking around with it hanging on your belt will definitely give your Scout some “cred” with the other campers!

Knot Tying Cards

There are four adventures in the Cub Scout program that require them to tie knots, so the cards will be a great gift for these ranks. Here are the knot requirements:

Little boy happy with Christmas stocking


The Wolf Finding Your Way adventure requires that the Scouts complete three activities with a compass. Attach this compass to a keychain or zipper pull, and you're ready to work on those adventures!


The spork is just fun! And it helps the environment because it's reusable. My son's Boy Scout troop just made the decision to stop using disposable plates, cups, and eating utensils, so this will be perfect for him.

The sporks are inexpensive enough that if our kids lose one, we're not out a lot of money.

Slap Lit Bracelet

Wouldn't it be awesome if the boys and girls wore these while they're singing a Cub Scout song that has hand motions?

Camping Card Game

This game is perfect for your next camping trip. It's fast paced and easy to learn.

Swiss Army Knife

Not that I'm an expert of pocketknives, but it seems like the Victorinox Swiss Army knives are some of the best. This one is just a bit over $15, but it's perfect for our Cub Scouts who have earned their whittling chip.

What other inexpensive Cub Scout stocking stuffers would you add? Leave a comment to let everyone know!

Yours in Scouting,

P.S. Are you looking for a meaningful activity you can do with your Scout during the holiday season? Check out these examples of good turns for Scouts!


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Carolin Hoskins

Thursday 14th of December 2023

The Santa Chronicles is our new go to for Christmas movies.


Thursday 14th of December 2023

Home Alone…it reminds me that family time can be crazy but it filled with love and great memories.

Erica Mota

Thursday 14th of December 2023

Favorite Christmas Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life

Reason: Can relate to main character (George Bailey). Desire to do goodwill and out others first before self. Reminds me of the Scout Oath (…to help other people at all times…)