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27 Most Helpful Cub Scout Service Project Ideas

Service is a big part of the Scouting program. Find 27 Cub Scout service project ideas to help your Scouts reap the benefits of volunteering.

27 Cub Scout Service Project Ideas

Coming up with good Cub Scout service project ideas can sometimes be difficult. There are many factors to consider when choosing a project for your den or pack.

  • Are the Cub Scouts old enough to participate? Can they do the work?
  • How much time or money will it take?
  • Is it big enough for the entire pack? Or is it small enough for the den?
  • Will the Scouts learn something? Is it worthwhile?

There are 12 adventures that have Cub Scout service project requirements, but the benefits of volunteering are much greater than simply crossing off a requirement.

One study found that “volunteering is also associated with the development of greater respect for others, leadership skills, and an understanding of citizenship that can carry over into adulthood.”  

Sounds exactly like the Boy Scouts of America's vision, doesn't it?

Here are 27 Cub Scout service project ideas to consider when you're choosing your next pack or den service project.

  1. Participate in Scouting for Food. scouting for food cub scouts
  2. Make and distribute holiday cards to nursing home residents without families of their own.
  3. Volunteer to walk dogs at a local animal shelter.
  4. Check with your local Ronald McDonald House to see if they accept donations of pull tabs from soft drink cans. If they do, have the Scouts organize a pull tab drive.
  5. Make treats and take them to your fire or police department. Here's a cute suggestion. Call ahead, and ask if you can tour the department while you're there. cub scouts visit fire department
  6. Pass out water (and cheer on the runners) during a 5K charity run. Make some encouraging posters to take.
  7. Help clean up after a community event such as a Fourth of July festival.
  8. Write thank you letters to your Cubmaster and Committee Chairperson. Invite them to your next den meeting so that the Cub Scouts can present them with the letters.
  9. Fold and package flags for our troops through the Pocket Flag Project.
  10. Organize a sock drive for homeless shelters.  Socks are one of the most needed yet least donated items at a homeless shelter. When my son and I did this, we donated the socks to a homeless shelter for teens. sock drive cub scout service project
  11. Pick up trash, but make it a fun scavenger hunt.
  12. After the Tiger Cub Scouts learn and practice their magic tricks for the Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries adventure, take them to a nursing home so they can put on their magic show for the residents.
  13. Make birthday cards to give to the seniors. Contact a local nursing home about starting a birthday card program or participate in a program like this one.
  14. Collect gently used stuffed animals to donate to the fire or police department. They often give them to kids in emergency situations.
  15. Identify a local organization that can benefit from donations of gently used books and organize a book drive. cub scout book drive
  16. Clean out and replant the flower beds at their chartered organization's location. cub scout landscaping service project
  17. Offer to help at a special event being held at your charter organization or meeting place. A few years ago, my den helped at a BBQ fundraiser by refilling drinks and clearing tables.
  18. Team up with your local Lions Club to collect old pairs of eyeglasses for needy folks. Find your local club here.
  19. Clean a Habitat for Humanity house before the family moves in. This is a great project for the whole family to do. Before you volunteer, do some of these activities with the Cub Scouts.
  20. Place flags on grave sites for Memorial Day.scouts memorial day flag placement
  21. Volunteer to help at your school's events. My pack volunteers to cut the tops off of freeze pops for our school's back to school event.
  22. Offer to help stuff the plastic eggs for a church or community Easter Egg Hunt.
  23. Make Jared Boxes to donate to your local hospital.
  24. Find out the date of the next Special Olympics event in your area. Have the Cub Scouts make encouraging signs. Attend the event to cheer on the athletes.
  25. Gather supplies to make birthday bags to donate to your local food pantry. Decorate the bags and include cake mix, frosting, candles, and even a small gift. birthday celebration bags
  26. Color drawings for senior citizens. Color A Smile has printable coloring pages available. Mail your artwork to them, and they'll distribute it.
  27. Take your Cub Scout den to a local nursing home to play bingo. The Scouts can take turns being the caller while the other kids pair up with a senior to play.

What other Cub Scout service project ideas do you have?

Yours in Scouting,

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Rachel Lyberis

Tuesday 1st of December 2020

In the time of Covid-19, some of these aren't really an option. But I started thinking outside of the box and outside of a building to keep that social distance. To go along with the flags during Memorial Day, Wreaths Across America puts wreaths on veterans gravesites at Christmas, which is what my den is going to do. Another thing I am checking on is making thank you cards for veterans in nursing homes that staff can distribute to vets. I have a scout unable to put wreaths out.

Love your stuff on this website and reference it frequently! Like daily! Keep up the great work!

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