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Tiger Earning Your StripesAs of May 31, 2022, this adventure has been retired. The information about the adventure will remain here reference only.


Earning Your Stripes, a Tiger Elective Adventure

The Tiger Den Leader guide says, “In this adventure, Tigers will learn about what it means to wear Tiger orange.  The color orange represents warmth, cheer, enthusiasm, creativity, and energy.  Tigers are proud to wear the color orange; they like to show their enthusiasm by helping others and by using their energy to complete tasks.  Helping others provides the opportunity to build self-esteem, give goodwill and create a cheerful attitude.  The warmth in the color orange is shared by using proper manners when speaking to others.”

Read on to discover this adventure’s requirements and fun ways to complete them!


Complete the following requirements.

  1. Show your loyalty to Tiger orange by bringing in and sharing with your den five items that are the color orange.
  2. Demonstrate loyalty over the next week at school or in your community. Share at your next den meeting how you were loyal to others.
  3. With your parent, guardian, or other caring adult, decide on one new task you can do to help your family, and do it.
  4. Talk with your parent, guardian, other caring adult, or den about polite language. Learn how to shake hands and introduce yourself.
  5. Play a game with your den. Then discuss how your den played politely.
  6. With your parent, guardian, or other caring adult and den, work on a service project for your pack’s meeting place or chartered organization.