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Wolf Hometown HeroesAs of May 31, 2022, this adventure has been retired. The information about the adventure will remain here reference only.

Hometown Heroes, a Wolf Elective Adventure

The Wolf Den Leader guide says, “In this adventure, Wolf Scouts will learn about the heroes within their community.  By getting to know some real-life heroes and honoring their service, the Wolves will see the importance of living the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and gain an understanding of what makes a hero.”

Read on to discover this adventure’s requirements and fun ways to complete them!


Complete the following Requirements

  1.  Talk with your family or den about what it means to you to be a hero. Share the name of someone you believe is a hero. Explain what it is that makes that person a hero.
  2. Visit a community agency where you will find many heroes. While there, find out what they do. Share what you learned with your den.
  3. With the help of a family member, interview one of your heroes, and share what you learn with your den. Tell why you think this person is a hero.
  4. Complete one of the following: A. As a den or family, honor a serviceman or servicewoman by sending a care package along with a note thanking them for their service. B. With your family or den, find out about animals that are trained to help others in your community. C. Participate in or create an event that celebrates your hometown hero(es).