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Cub Scout Activity Supplies Storage Box

Cub Scout Supply Bin

Because we meet at a recreation department facility, I bought a plastic storage bin similar to this one to hold and transport our supplies.

I love this! It is stocked with all kinds of things that I might need at the meeting including office/school supplies (pens, crayons, paper, etc.).

It’s great to keep game supplies available for when you need a quick activity to burn off some of that little kid energy. I found quite a few games online, and after we play them, I add the supplies to our den bin.

For example, we played the game where the Scouts try to bounce a ping pong ball into an egg carton. I store the ping pong balls inside the carton and keep that in our bin. The kiddos like eagle golf where you drop beans into a tin can. Again, the beans and cans stay in the bucket.

Soon, you’ll have the supplies for quite a few games from which to choose when boredom sets in!

The bin is a great place to store a binder with reference materials in it. I made up 8 1/2” by 11” signs for the Scout Oath, the Scout Law and the Cub Scout Sign & Handshake. I keep these in sheet protectors (which I got at a back-to-school sale), and I pull them out whenever we need to review. 

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If there’s anything else I need to take to the den meeting, I put it in my den bin. This includes handouts, napkins (for snacks) and awards for Cub Scouts who missed the pack meeting. If it’s in the bin, I won’t forget to take it!

Even if you meet at your home or at a place that has most of your supplies, having a den supply storage bin can be helpful.

What supplies do you keep handy for Cub Scout meetings?

Yours in Scouting,

P.S.  Looking for inexpensive den supplies?  Check out where I got most of mine!

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