Cub Scout Holiday Fun

Post Holiday Boredom Busters: 10 Fun Things to Keep Kids Busy and Off Electronics

boredom busterSo, here’s what I’m hearing at my house.  “Mom, I’m bored!  The only fun thing to do is play on my electronics!”  Are you hearing that too?

I searched through my blog posts looking for activities that kids could do while they’re still out of school for the holidays.  These boredom buster games and activities aren’t just for Cub Scouts–they’ll keep all the kids busy.  Of course, your Cub Scout can earn credit for requirements and electives for completing them. Continue reading

Lefty Elf: A Cub Scout Gift Exchange Story

Lefty Elf Gift Exchange Story
Is your Cub Scout pack doing a Christmas gift exchange?  You can make it a super fun activity by using this Lefty Elf story!

The boys will all sit or stand in a circle, holding the gift they brought.  Tell them that you’re going to read a story.  Every time you say the word “left,” they are to pass their gift to the person on their left.  Every time you say “right,” they’ll pass their gift to the right.

Simple enough, right? Continue reading

Cub Scout Stocking Stuffers Under $10

Cub Scout Stocking StuffersBack in August, Michelle asked a question on the Cub Scout Ideas Facebook page.  She wanted ideas for good but inexpensive scout and camping themed Christmas gifts.

Michelle, what’s up with planning your Christmas gifts in August??  It’s mid-November, and I haven’t even thought about gifts!  🙂

Our great group of Scouters on the page gave us some awesome suggestions!  Using many of their ideas, I’ve put together a gift guide for Cub Scouts.  Continue reading

12 Great Stocking Stuffers for Boys

12 Stocking Stuffers for BoysDo you have trouble coming up with great stocking stuffers for boys?  I know I do!  I want to buy things they’ll like and use, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money.

I searched through several lists on Pinterest looking for items that would be awesome for our Cub Scouts.  Things related to Cub Scout activities or that are popular with the first through fifth grade crowd made the cut.

These got the stamp of approval from my Bear!  Click over through my affiliate links and check them out! Continue reading

12 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Cub Scouts

holiday good turn imageI’m sure most of you have heard about Random Acts of Kindness.  Ideas for these projects can be found all over the internet.

Every early November the past few years, I say to myself that we’ll do an act every day for the entire month of December.  Then the next thing I know, it’s the middle of December, and we haven’t done any.  I’m sure that hasn’t happened to any of you! 🙂 Continue reading

Great Gifts for Boys!

So, what are you buying for your boys during this holiday season??

Posted by Cub Scout Ideas on Sunday, November 30, 2014

holiday gifts for boys

Recently, I asked this question on my Facebook page.  There were several themes that came up again and again.

To help you out with your holiday shopping, I thought I would put together a list of gifts for boys based on what my Facebook followers suggested.

From Legos to Nerfs, you’re sure to find something that your son wants for the holidays.

Click over through my affiliate links to find out if your favorite is on sale!

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