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Post Holiday Boredom Busters: 10 Fun Things to Keep Kids Busy and Off Electronics

boredom buster

So, here's what I'm hearing at my house.  “Mom, I'm bored!  The only fun thing to do is play on my electronics!”  Are you hearing that too?

I searched through my blog posts looking for activities that kids could do while they're still out of school for the holidays.  These boredom buster games and activities aren't just for Cub Scouts–they'll keep all the kids busy.  Of course, your Cub Scout can earn credit for requirements and electives for completing them.

10 Boredom Buster Games & Activities

1.  It's not too late to do a few Holiday Good Turns.

2.  Have your child learn about internet safety in a fun way and earn their Cyber Chip.

3.  Make a catapult and have a marshmallow battle.

4.  Construct a dome or a bridge out of gumdrops.

5.  Make a soda bottle terrarium.

6.  Build a tee pee or wigwam, make a vest, create a game or construct a drum with these Native American ideas.

7.  Make armpit fudge.  It sounds gross, and that's why it appeals to so many Cub Scouts!  🙂

8.  Create a kazoo out of pvc pipe.

9.  Start working on your Pinewood Derby car.

10.  Build a chess set out of nuts and bolts and a chess board out of a picture frame.

I hope these help the “I'm bored!” blues!  Let me know which ones you like by leaving a comment below!

Yours in Scouting,

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Wednesday 6th of November 2019

My youngest son, the third scout in our family, know the response to, "I'm bored!" so well? I always answer with, "Grab your scout book!" He now says, "I'm bored. No scouts."


Thursday 31st of December 2015

Awesome Ideas. Thanks for up dating you site to reflect the new Adventure Program. Lots of great and applicable ideas. love you site.

Meka Brown

Wednesday 30th of December 2015

Thank you so much for this list. My Wolf and Weblo will definitely enjoy diing these.


Saturday 13th of January 2024



Tuesday 5th of January 2016

So glad it's helpful!