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Native American Indian Activities for Cub Scouts

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native american activities

Bears have an elective adventure related to Native American culture.  Use it to help our Cub Scouts learn about the rich culture of American Indians.  Below you'll find some activities and resources that can help complete these activities.

Bear Elective Adventure – Beat of the Drum

Complete requirement 1 and two others from requirements 2-4.

  1. Learn about the history and culture of American Indians or other indigenous people who lived in your area long ago.
  2. Create a legend by building a diorama, writing a story, or presenting a skit.
  3. Complete one of the following:
    3A. Make a dream catcher.
    3B. Make a craft similar to one made by American Indians or indigenous people.
    3C. Make a drum. Once your drum is complete, create a ceremonial song.
  4. Complete one of the following:
    4A. Visit an Order of the Arrow dance ceremony.
    4B. Visit an American Indian event or an event presented by other indigenous people.
    4C. Learn and demonstrate ceremonial dance steps.
    4D. Create a ceremonial dance.

There are many good books about Native Americans that are available for kids.  These two have hands-on activities and can be ordered through my Amazon affiliate links.

native american history bookmore than moccasins
Native American History for Kids: With 21 ActivitiesMore Than Moccasins: A Kid's Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life

When you think about Native American musical instruments, drums come immediately to mind.  Making a drum craft is quick and easy.  You can use a coffee can, Nestle Quik container, oatmeal box or even form tube used in sinking a foundation!

Use these super-cool storytelling stones to create your legend. Scouts draw the word pictures onto stones.  They can tell a new legend simply by rearranging the stones.  While you're on the Kiwi Crate site, take a look at their fun activity crates that can be delivered directly to your door each month.

Follow these easy instructions to make your dreamcatcher.

The lowly brown paper grocery bag can easily be transformed into an American Indian vestThis vest looks great with the addition of some Native American symbols.  Check out this vest for some good ideas on making it a bit more sturdy.  My favorite vest-making method is this one.  By crumpling up the bag, it looks more like leather!

Native American Craft
This one Native American craft will be very popular with the Scouts!  It involves using a craft stick (you do have a huge box of these, don't you?), dental floss and q-tips to make a miniature bow and arrows set!  And it actually works.  After the Scouts have made the craft, they can shoot the arrows at targets.

Housing and Shelter
The first American Indian shelter that many of us think about is a teepee.  This is a great teepee craft for younger Scouts:  Paper Bag Teepee.  For our older Cub Scouts, check these out:  Cereal Box Teepee and Burlap Fabric Teepee.

Another shelter option is a wigwam.  Here's a super-easy method to make a wigwam using only construction paper and glue.  This wigwam uses cereal box cardboard and construction paper.

I found this fun Native American dice game.  The instructions on the Mountain Pulse website are a bit involved, but you could simplify them.  Using undecorated sticks would save time.  But if your Bears have earned their Whittling Chip, this would be a great way to practice their whittling skills.

I hope this gives you some great ideas to use so that your Cub Scouts can complete their Native American adventure.  I would love to hear about your activities, so share them in a comment below.

Yours in Scouting,

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