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Take Attendance at Cub Scout Den Meetings

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Attendance at Cub Scout Meetings

“Did little Johnny attend the Cub Scout den meeting when we did requirement 3?”  “Was my child at the pack meeting when the park ranger talked?”

Have you ever been asked these questions?  I have, and unfortunately, I don't always have the answer!  That can be frustrating when you're compiling awards.

Whether you're at a den meeting, a pack meeting, a service project or outing, try to take attendance.  Here are a few ideas to help you remember this important task:

1.  Have your denner take attendance.  This is a great way to give the denner additional responsibility.

2.  Have a sign-in sheet at every event.  Kelly Albert was kind enough to allow me to share her awesome attendance sheet and instructions on how to use it!  Click over to this post to find out more and to download the sheet.

3.  Have a check-in table at pack meetings.  In addition to the sign in sheet, parents and Scouts could get information about upcoming events or pay their fee for the next camp-out.

4.  One great suggestion that I learned from one of our former leaders is to have the boys sign the back of your den agenda.  That way, you have the attendance list and completed activities all in one place.

What suggestions do you have for keeping track of attendance at Cub Scout den or pack meetings?

Yours in Scouting,

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