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Selling Cub Scout Popcorn With Video

Most of us these days have friends or family members who live in different cities or states from us. So, selling Cub Scout popcorn to these folks in person is almost impossible!  But even if your Cub Scout can't sell to them in person, he CAN sell to them!

If your Counsel uses Trail's End as their popcorn provider, you have the option to sell popcorn online.  I'm not familiar with the other popcorn suppliers, so check with your Popcorn Kernel to see if your supplier offers online sales.

For Trail's End, simply register your son on their site, and you'll get an ordering link for your Cub Scout.  Share your Cub Scout's link by emailing it to your loved ones or posting it on Facebook or Twitter. If your cousin orders popcorn through the link, your son gets credit for the sale!

I think you can help your son make his online sales even better. What if those uncles and former coworkers got to SEE your son asking them to support him? There's an easy way to do that!

All you have to do is record a short video of your son asking for the sale. Next, upload the video to YouTube. You can then email the YouTube link for your video to your friends along with the link to purchase the popcorn.  You can also post the video to Facebook.

Some of you may be wondering why we don't just email the video itself like we email pictures. That's because the file size of even a short video is much larger than image files. Either your email service won't send it, or the recipient's service won't accept it. You won't have this problem if you send a link to a YouTube video.

It's much harder to say “no” to a little guy if you're actually seeing his face, don't you think?  🙂

Did you see the video that my son made? It's at the top of this page. Of course, he had to issue the “prove mom wrong” challenge!  I know our family and friends will get a kick out of helping him prove me wrong!



There are lots of clever videos that Cub Scout families have created to help them sell popcorn.  Here's one of my favorites!

Pretty cute, huh!

Here are a few tips and tricks for making a video for your Cub Scout popcorn sale.

  • Have your son wear his uniform.  And remind him to tuck in his shirt!
  • If you're recording with your phone, turn it on its side.  That way, you'll get a full screen video rather than a small one surrounded by a big black border.
  • Record the video in good light.  The best place to record is outside either in early morning or toward the end of the day.
  • Use props.  Hold up a bag of popcorn or stand in front of a tent.
  • Let your son get creative!  He might come up with a very cool idea or theme for his video.
  • Keep it short.  Three minutes might sound short when you're recording the video, it can seem like a long time to those who are watching it.
  • Don't forget to include your son's Trail's End link in the video description!  Even though you've included the ordering link in the email, it's easier for folks to simply click while they're still on the video page.

So, try making a video and see if it improves your Cub Scout popcorn online sales  Share the link in the comments!

Yours in Scouting,

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