Easy Cub Scout Flag Ceremony

cub scout flag ceremonyFinding a Cub Scout flag ceremony that the boys can remember was hard.  They often couldn’t remember the steps.  In fact, some of us adults couldn’t remember all of them either!  Luckily, I found an easy Cub Scout flag ceremony!

It’s called the 5 Finger Flag Ceremony.  The boys only have to remember five steps to lead it.  And since there’s a clue that goes along with each finger, your Cub Scouts will be able to quickly memorize the steps–especially if you practice it at each meeting.
For your convenience, I created a document with all the steps.  Feel free to download and use it!

Easy Cub Scout Flag Ceremony

  1. Start with your thumb.  Tell the boys to hold their thumb up and pretend they’re gesturing for someone to stand up.  They’ll say, “Color Guard, Attention!  Will the audience please rise?”
  2. Next, they hold out their pointer finger.  They can use the “come here” motion by curling their finger toward themselves.  The words are, “Color Guard, advance!  Scout salute!”
  3. When the Color Guard reaches the front of the room, the boys will hold out their middle finger to join their pointer finger to make the Scout Salute.  The middle finger is the outside finger of the salute.They’ll say, “Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.  I pledge Allegiance…”
  4. After the Pledge, the leader will use his ring finger to remember how the flagpole needs to go into the “ring” on the flag stand. The ceremony leader will say, “Color Guard, post the colors!”  After they’re posted, he’ll say, “Two.”
  5. The last finger, the pinkie, can be thought of as the baby finger.  The baby finger is tired and wants to sit down.  So, the boy will say, “You may be seated.”

And that’s it!  A complete and easy Cub Scout flag ceremony!

Feel free to download this document to use as a reference.

Cub Scout Flag Ceremony

What ideas have you used to help teach your Cub Scouts how to conduct a flag ceremony?

Yours in Scouting,

P.S.  This Cub Scout flag ceremony could be used if you are doing a ceremony as a service project like we do for our school.

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  1. Althea Watanabe March 3, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Aloha! You guys are totally awesome! So much things to get each boy excited and willing to learn, to have fun with other boys and their leaders. It’s also great to be organized and help each boy learn a new skill…I love this sight and will have all our round table cub scout leaders visit your website and organize themselves to have a more productive den meeting, ceremonies, activities, etc. Mahalo (Thank you)


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