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Cub Scout Popcorn Thank You Notes

Cub Scout Popcorn Thank You Notes

To thank the people who ordered Cub Scout popcorn from us, my son has to write thank you notes. 

We made the thank you notes multi-purpose too!  By folding them in half, we can write the name of the person who ordered on the outside and tape the note to their popcorn product.

How to Make Scout Popcorn Thank You Notes

First, I took a picture of my son in front of his Cub Scout popcorn order when we picked it up.  We arranged it a bit behind him to show how much he sold.

I take almost all of my pictures with my iPhone, so I used the Phonto app to add the “thank you” text.  Then, I transferred the picture over to my computer. 

There are a couple of ways you can do this–this time, I emailed the picture to myself and opened it up on my computer.

Next, I used my word processing program, Microsoft Word, to create a landscape document with two columns.  I pasted a copy of Grant's picture in both columns.  I resized it so there would be a big blank space at the bottom.  I printed a couple of copies in color.

Then, Grant wrote his thank you for ordering Cub Scout popcorn from him.  He doesn't have the best penmanship, so he had to write the notes a few times, much to his chagrin!  And that's why I printed more than one copy.  😉

Finally, we made copies, and Grant cut them apart.  He folded and stapled them.

In prior years, I have written the name and address of the person who ordered on the front.  I can type faster than I can write, so I decided to type the names, addresses and items ordered into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  If the person hadn't paid yet, I added the amount owed.

Then, I did a mail merge and printed address labels onto these Avery labels.  We put the labels on the stapled notes and taped them to the product the person ordered.

You can do this using Google Docs rather than Microsoft products.  There are directions at this website.

For people who ordered online, we mail a thank you note to them.  Hopefully, my boys will learn that saying thank you is an important part of selling popcorn.

Do you do anything special to thank your popcorn customers?  Let us know by writing a comment below.

Yours in Scouting,

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Maria Kramer

Monday 18th of December 2017

I love these personal thank you notes!