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Top 5 Most Recommended Cub Scout Tents

Find out what the best Cub Scout tents for camping are! These 5 tents were the most recommended by Cub Scout families for fun and easy campouts.

most recommended cub scout tents

When we first joined Cub Scouts, we didn't own a tent. So, we had to quickly pick one of the Cub Scout tents to buy for that first pack campout. My husband had camped some in the past, but tent technology has changed so much that his knowledge was a bit outdated.

Our family isn't unique. Every year, we have a few families join our pack who don't have camping gear.

I reached out to my Facebook followers to ask what their recommendations were for the best Cub Scout tents. The information I'm sharing comes from those followers who recommended these options as the best Cub Scout tents to use.

Before I share their recommendations, there are some other key points to think about before you purchase your Cub Scout tent.

Type of Cub Scout Camping

Most of the packs I know do “car camping,” which means you drive your car right up to the place where you're going to camp. This gives you quite a bit of flexibility in the type of tent you pick. Because you don't have to worry about carrying your tent to your campsite, you don't have to purchase the lightest weight tent you can find.

Size of Tent

Think about how many members of your family will be using the tent. Will the entire family attend the campouts? Do you have younger children who will be Cub Scouts as soon as they're old enough?

After you've determined how many people your Cub Scout tent will need to house, add one or two to that number. For example, you decide that you need a tent that will house 4 people. You'll probably want to purchase a 5 or 6 person tent. That's because you'll need room for backpacks, boots, and other items that you bring along.

One other thing to consider is the height of your family members. My husband is 6'5″, so we needed to get a tent that had a little more space to ensure his feet weren't sticking out the sides! 🙂

What Season is the Tent Rated For?

Depending on where you are located in the country, having a Cub Scout tent that is rated for multiple seasons could be important to ensure that your family will be protected in all weather conditions.

While you may be tempted to go with a four-season tent, they tend to be heavier. Unless you're located in a very cold part of the county and your pack camps in winter, a lighter, three-season tent is usually your best bet.

Ease of Tent Setup

The ease of your tent setup is important, especially for first-time campers. If folks have to fight with a tent to put it up, they may decide that camping isn't for them. This list has tents that can be set up in just a couple of minutes.

Tents Recommended by Cub Scout Families

Coleman Instant Tents


Several people recommended Coleman Instant Tents. One of the recommendations came from a single mom who often camps with her two kids as well as a dog. The ease of set up and ability to bring the Coleman Instant Tent with you everywhere is why this has been recommended as a great option for a Cub Scout tent.


You might want to grab this Coleman Tent Kit to go with your new Coleman tent.


Eureka Timberline Tent


This Eureka Timberline tent comes highly recommended because of its ease of setup, reliability, and easy repairs. Every size of the Eureka Timberline sets up similarly so there’s no learning curve when a Cub Scout family uses a different size.


REI Brand Tent

rei tent for cub scouts

This was another tent option recommended by more than one of my Facebook followers. The REI brand has many options, is easy to set up, and is perfect for your Cub Scout camping adventures. The aluminum poles make it lightweight, and the awesome rainfly makes this great for all weather conditions.

Don't forget the footprint to protect the floor!

North Face

north face tent for cub scouts

North Face tents were also mentioned by several Cub Scout parents. They stay dry, have plenty of airflow, and are very roomy.

Big Agnes

big agnes tent for cub scouts

This Big Agnes tent is rated 5 stars. The webbing and buckles are color coded for easy set up–perfect for Cub Scouts who need to pitch their own tent. While supplies last, you can get a free $50 footprint for your Big Agnes tent.

There are many tent options on the market, but the ones I shared today are some of the best Cub Scout tents as recommended by my Facebook followers. Each of the tent options I shared came with high recommendations and will be perfect for your next Cub Scout camping trip.

Two of the Cub Scout adventures have the kids pitching a tent.

Bear Required Adventure Bear Necessities Requirement 4. Help set up a tent. Determine a good spot for the tent, and explain to your den leader why you picked it.

Arrow of Light Required Adventure Outdoorsman Option A Requirement 2. On arrival at the campout, with your den and den leader or family, determine where to set up your tent. Demonstrate knowledge of what makes a good tent site and what makes a bad one. Set up your tent without help from an adult.

What kind of tent do you have?

Yours in Scouting,

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Saturday 30th of September 2023

I'm sorry no one suggested tents from Alps Mountaineering via their website that gives discounts to scouts, They have a number of excellent dome tents perfect for cub scouts, at deep discount to scouts.

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