Webelos Fitness Activity Badge: Safety Notebook

Webelos Fitness safety notebook1

Are you ever surprised by what your Cub Scouts enjoy? I am. We’ve done activities that I thought they would love, but they’ve totally bombed. But this Webelos Fitness Activity Badge safety notebook was just the opposite.

The Webelos Fitness requirement is to make a safety notebook that includes emergency phone numbers, family rules and Internet usage rules.

I didn’t think the boys would enjoy it, so the plan, quite honestly, was to rush through this activity and move on to something more fun. But the Webelos loved it! They didn’t want to stop working on their books. And some of them worked on it again when we had a few extra minutes…

Construction paper, regular printer paper, a stapler and a pen are all you need. I cut the construction paper and printer paper in half. Fold the construction paper and three half sheets of white paper in half.  Put the white paper in the center of the construction paper and staple them together.

Webelos Fitness safety notebook2

The boys can decorate the cover if they want.  The pages that they’ll want to include are:

  1. Emergency 911
  2. Mom & Dad’s mobile numbers and home number
  3. Emergency contacts (include a neighbor or someone who can get to your home quickly)
  4. Home Safety Rules (such as don’t open the door to strangers, don’t leave home without telling Mom or Dad, etc.)
  5. Internet Safety Rules (such as don’t give out personal information, tell Mom or Dad if something makes you feel uncomfortable, etc.)

Webelos Fitness safety notebook3

While the boys are working on their books, you have a great opportunity to talk about home and internet safety rules.  Most of us have spent time talking about home rule, but we probably haven’t given much thought to internet safety rules.  BSA’s Guide to Safe Scouting has a good list of online personal protection rules.

Yours in Scouting,

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