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Webelos_AoL Art ExplosionArt Explosion,
a Webelos and Arrow of Light Elective Adventure

According to the Webelos Den Leader guide, “Many things inspire artists to create their work.  People, nature, feelings, textures (how things feel), colors–almost everything can be an inspiration!  In this adventure, Webelos Scouts will have the opportunity to find what inspires them y visiting an art museum or exhibit and creating their own pieces from any materials they choose.”

Below you’ll find the requirements for the adventure along with links to ideas you can use for your Webelos!


Complete Requirements 1-3.  Requirement 4 is optional.

  1. Visit an art museum, gallery, or exhibit. Discuss with an adult the art you saw.  What did you like?
  2. Create two self-portraits using two different techniques, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and computer illustration.
  3. Do two of the following:
    a. Draw or paint an original picture outdoors, using the art materials of your choice.
    b. Use clay to sculpt a simple form.
    c. Create an object using clay that can be fired, baked in the oven, or air dried.
    d. Create a freestanding sculpture or mobile using wood, metal, papiermâché, or found or recycled objects.
    e. Make a display of origami or kirigami projects.
    f. Use a computer illustration or painting program to create a work of art.
    g. Create an original logo or design. Transfer the design onto a T-shirt, hat, or other object.
    h. Using a camera or other electronic device, take at least 10 photos of your family, a pet, or scenery. Use photo-editing software to crop, lighten or darken, and change some of the photos.
    i. Create a comic strip with original characters. Include at least four panels to tell a story centered on one of the points of the Scout Law. Characters can be hand-drawn or computer-generated.
  4. Choose one of the following methods to show your artwork:
    a. Create a hard-copy or digital portfolio of your projects. Share it with your family or members of your den or pack.
    b. Display your artwork in a pack, school, or community art show.