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Webelos_AoL Build itBuild It,
a Webelos and Arrow of Light Elective Adventure

The Webelos Den Leader guide tells us that “this adventure can assist Webelos Scouts as they develop building and motor skills, tool knowledge, and good safety practices.  It also helps them gain appreciation for several forms of craftsmanship.”

Below you’ll find the requirements for this elective adventure.  You’ll also find projects that the boys can complete for the adventure.


Complete the following Requirements.

  1. Learn about some basic tools and the proper use of each tool. Learn about and understand the need for safety when you work with tools.
  2. With the guidance of your Webelos den leader, parent, or guardian, select a carpentry project and build it.
  3. List the tools that you use safely as you build your project; create a list of materials needed to build your project. Put a checkmark next to the tools on your list that you used for the first time.
  4. Learn about a construction career. With your Webelos den leader, parent, or guardian, visit a construction site, and interview someone working in a construction career.