How to Host a Cub Scout Geocaching Event

Geocaching ScoutsI love to geocache!  It’s such a fun way to get outdoors with our families or friends.  So I was excited to see that it’s being incorporated into Cub Scouts.  Going on a geocaching adventure is one of the Arrow of Light required adventures in the new Cub Scout program.
Arrow of Light Adventure – Camper 6:  Go on a geocaching adventure with your den or family. Show how you used a GPS unit or a smartphone with a GPS application to locate a geocache.

Update:  The 2016 modifications deleted this requirement, but geocaching is still a wonderful activity to do with your Cub Scouts!

If you aren’t familiar with geocaching, you can read about it here.

A geocaching event is a cool activity for a Cub Scout recruiting event or pack meeting!   I have organized geocaching events for our day camp and for our pack.  I’m amazed at the number of parents who tell me that their sons still talk about how much fun they had, so I’m sure your boys will love it too.

To help us, has created a step-by-step guide showing you how to host an event.  The guide outlines two options–finding existing geocaches or creating your own temporary geocaches.

I’ve done both with groups of Cub Scouts, and I have a few additional tips for you.

  • If you are searching for existing geocaches, look for them yourself first.  This will ensure that the caches are still there.  Nothing’s worse than a group of disappointed boys because their first geocache was MIA.  You’ll also be able to give them hints if they’re having trouble locating the cache.
  • When you find an existing cache, make sure it has some trinkets for trading–enough for each boy to receive something.  These can be cool stickers, fast food kid’s meal toys or leftover treat bag toys from the last birthday party.  You can always add trinkets if the supply is low.
  • You don’t need a GPS device or a geocaching app to look for existing caches!  If you’re just getting started, you might not want to invest in either.  If you have a computer and a map app on your smartphone (such as Google Maps), you can search for them.
  • To place your own temporary caches, you only need the map app and a few supplies that you have around your home.

So, don’t forget to download’s guide.  It has all the information you need to have a successful Cub Scout geocaching event.  And who knows–you may just discover a new family adventure!

Guide to a Successful Cub Scout Geocaching Event

Thanks to for this great resource!

Yours in Scouting,

P.S. If you’re considering a GPS receiver, Amazon has a very good selection.  Click on over through my affiliate link to check them out!

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