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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Cub Scout Handbook in the Summer

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There are several benefits to buying your Scout's next Cub Scout handbook or manual in the summer. Keep 'em busy and complete some requirements at the same time!

Get Cub Scout Handbooks Early

Before the summer comes to an end, get a copy of the Cub Scout handbook for your child's next rank even if your den doesn't meet during the summer.

Most of us don't even think about buying any Cub Scout gear for the next rank until school starts and our dens begin meeting again.

However, there are great reasons to get the Cub Scout handbook and read through it with your child.

Whether you're a Cub Scout den leader or a Cub Scout parent, there are four benefits you'll get by spending some time perusing the handbook for your Scout's next Cub Scout rank.

1.  You'll become familiar with what your Cub will be doing during the next year. The summer is a great time to start reviewing the new program. You and your Scout will know what to expect as they work on their next rank.

pizza box solar oven
Making s'mores in a pizza box solar oven is a fun summer activity that also satisfies adventure requirements.

2.  When your child starts complaining about being bored, direct them to the Cub Scout book to pick out an activity to do. The Bear elective adventure, Beat of the Drum, has some fun activities.

Your child can complete requirement 4C which is “learn and demonstrate ceremonial dance steps” or requirement 4D, “create a ceremonial dance.” This will keep them busy for a while. They can then invite your neighbors over to watch them perform these dances!

3.  You may be doing some of the activities as a typical part of your summer. Does your family go to the pool or lake to swim? There are swimming activities in almost every rank! Just do the requirements while you're enjoying your family outing and record them in your Scout's handbook.

Here's a list of the requirements that your child can complete while on a family swimming outing.

Tiger Elective Adventure: Floats and Boats 4. Show how to enter the water safely, blow your breath out under the water, and do a prone glide.

Wolf Elective Adventures: Spirit of the Water 3.  Explain to your den leader why swimming is good exercise.

Wolf Elective Adventures: Spirit of the Water 5.  Visit a local pool or public swimming area with your family or Wolf den. With qualified supervision, jump into water that is at least chest-high, and swim 25 feet or more.

Bear Elective Adventures: Salmon Run 1. Explain the importance of response personnel or lifeguards in a swimming area. Tell how the buddy system works and why it is important.

cub scout fun at pool

Bear Elective Adventures: Salmon Run 2. Visit a local pool or swimming area with your den or family. Go swimming or take a swimming lesson.

Bear Elective Adventures: Salmon Run 7.  Demonstrate the front crawl swim stroke to your den or family.

Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Aquanaut 1. State the safety precautions you need to take before doing any water activity.

Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Aquanaut 6. Learn and demonstrate two of the following strokes: crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, or elementary backstroke.

4.  There may be opportunities in your community that will fulfill requirements. Does your town have any festivals during the summer? Ours has a great Fourth of July celebration.

By planning to attend and attending one of those, my Cub Scout can check off  Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure:  Project Family 6a:  Hold a family meeting to plan an exciting family activity.

A town near us has a series of outdoor concerts during June. If we attend one, my Scout will have completed Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Maestro! 1a.  Attend a live musical performance.

Electronic Version of Cub Scout Handbooks

You can get an electronic copy of the handbook by clicking on any of the links below.

Electronic Lion Handbook
Electronic Tiger Handbook
Electronic Wolf Handbook
Electronic Bear Handbook
Electronic Webelos and Arrow of Light Handbook

Physical Cub Scout Handbooks

If you can't get to your local Scout Shop, you can order a physical copy of the handbooks by clicking the links below.

Lion Handbook
Tiger Handbook
Wolf Handbook
Bear Handbook
Webelos and Arrow of Light Handbook

I would love to hear what Cub Scout activities you have done over the summer. Leave a comment below!

Yours in Scouting,

P.S.  If you're a leader, you'll definitely want to get your leader guide now. They (and the boys' handbooks) are available in an electronic version. Click on over to buy yours today!

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