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7 Best Kids’ Subscription Boxes to Get Them Outside

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Monthly kids subscription boxes are fun! These boxes are a great way to get children outside. Perfect for outdoor activities.

Outdoorsy Kids Subscription Boxes f

With all the “competition” from electronics, it can hard to get your kids outside! These 5 super cool subscription boxes for kids can help.

The Harvard Health Blog lists 6 reasons children need to play outside, but many kids don't spend enough time outdoors.

There are many reasons for this–electronics, too many scheduled activities, or lack of access to safe outdoor play areas. So, as parents, we need to look for opportunities to get outside.

When people ask why join Cub Scouts, I tell them that getting my kids outdoors is the top reason.

But when they aren't at a Cub Scout meeting, it can take some “motivation” to get them out the door.

Don't worry – these fun monthly subscription boxes for kids can help!

What is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box is a recurring delivery of a box full of niche products. These niches cover just about any interest you may have! Books, food, plants, sports, candles–you name it, there's probably a subscription box for it!

Here are some of the more interesting ones I've seeen.

My favorite subscription is Once Upon a Book Club. Every month, I get a book and several gifts. Each gift has a page number on its packaging. You're supposed to open the gift when you get to that page of the book. It is so fun!

My friend Linda has a great list of subscription boxes that are perfect gift of the month ideas, so if you're shopping for an adult, you'll want to check it out.

But let's talk about the subscription boxes that can get your kids outside.

Seven Outdoorsy Kids Subscription Boxes

Think Outside Subscription Box

think outside first subscription box

Think Outside is a year-long outdoor curriculum for kids ages 7 and up. Each month, your Cub Scout will get a box with a 24+ page education and activity booklet, resource cards, outdoor challenges, and 3 – 5 pieces of quality gear. Your first box comes with a daypack in your choice of either blue, pink, or orange.

think outside subscription box cycle

The boxes have a monthly theme, so your kids can learn about topics such as first aid, star-gazing, or shelter-building. If you keep your subscription for the entire year, you'll get all of the themes.

Get Outside Club

clues from get outside box

The Get Outside Club is part outdoor scavenger hunt, part escape room, and part mystery!

Whether trying to solve the mystery of lost pirate treasure or helping the police solve a case of a heist or going on a dragon quest, your kids will be immersed in these fun and exciting games.

puzzle from get outside box

Sports Box Co.

Sports Box Co. includes training aids, gear, and sports swag delivered monthly in a box!  For kids of all ages who play baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, soccer or football.

The thing I really like about this box is that you can choose the age range for your child. For example, the baseball box has three options:

  • Tee Ball for kids under age 6
  • Coach Pitch for kids ages 6 to 8
  • Kid Pitch for 8 to 12-year-olds
  • Sr. League for kids who are 13 and older
soccer sports box

Junior Golf Box

jr golf subscription box

Each Junior Golf Box is designed to teach kids the fundamentals of golf. They'll learn all about golf including the basics, swings, etiquette, shots, terms, skills, trivia, rules, and more.

The subscription will include products such as golf balls, tees, training aids, apparel, accessories, gear, and more!

These boxes were created by junior golfers for junior golfers. They'll also help improve the parent's golf game!

jr golf subscription box for kids

Young Woodworkers Kit Club

young woodworkers kit club

The Young Woodworkers Kit Club is a woodworking craft kit series designed for children from 7-12 years old. Your first three kits will include 5 kid-sized tools.

The kits introduce many woodworking skills including how to use screws and nails, how to use sandpaper, how to handle a hammer, how to make careful measurements (and why that's important), and more.

Your kids will make crafts and toys they can enjoy right away, and they'll have fun learning as they go!

young woodworkers kit club child hammering

Tikes Garden Box

plants from little tikes kit

The monthly Tikes Garden Boxes contain everything kids need to assemble and grow little themed gardens: herbs & fruit plants, perennials, terrariums, houseplants, aquatics, and much more.

Your Cub Scouts will learn about nature by exploring it firsthand. Each month, they'll receive a ready-to-build garden project with complete kid-friendly instructions.

The Tikes Garden Box includes everything necessary to build a rewarding and enriching garden project. With visually illustrated instructions, simple plant care tips, and just the right proportions of ingredients, assembly is fun & easy! The boxes have plants, containers, soil, fun add-ons – everything needed to complete the project.

tikes garden subscription box little girl

Sproutly Kid Box

sproutly subscription box on rocks

Sproutly is a gardening-based, kid friendly subscription box that is a craft, a plant, and a recipe!

When your plant is mature, you can harvest the plant and make the coordinating recipe! Crafts go with the current season and focus on getting outside.

sproutly subscription box bird feeder

Which boxes do you think your Cub Scout would like? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: “Sold out” just means the current box is sold out. You can still order the next box.

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