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Cub Scout Ideas Reviews KidVentures: 50 Outdoor Experiences of Childhood Discovery

KidVentures Outdoor Activities

I'm always on the lookout for resources that can provide Cub Scout ideas!  Not long ago, I ran across this great guide, KidVentures, which gives you 50 different ideas for outdoor activities you can do with your kids.

Jen Murray, the author, is the mother of quadruplet boys.  As she says in her introduction, she has a “slight phobia of dirt,” but exploring the outdoors with her sons has helped her get that fear under control. 🙂

kidventures table of contents

The guide provides detailed instructions for each experience including a supply list and a helpful tips/resources section.  I love the table of contents.  At a glance, you can find activities for any outdoor situation–water, nighttime, cold weather, exploration, active, etc.

One suggestion is Make a Backyard Bird Feeder.  If you're a regular Cub Scout Ideas reader, you'll remember that I wrote about three bird feeder projects that you can do with your kidsKidVentures offers another design that you can make with your Cub Scouts.

Just by reading through KidVentures, I learned some very important information that all mothers of boys needs to know.  In the Water Balloon Dodge Ball activity, Jen tells us to keep water balloons in a bucket filled with water to keep them from popping.  Who knew?

In the Build a Homemade Toy Zip Line activity, KidVentures suggests making a pulley to pull your toy to the top of the zip line.  Using a pulley satisfies the Bear Elective Adventure – Make It Move 2:  Make two simple pulleys, and use them to move objects.  What a fun way to meet these requirements!

Many of the other fun activities will earn your son Cub Scout credit too.  A few that caught my eye are Make a Homemade Fishing Pole, Go Stargazing and Follow Animal Tracks.

KidVentures is a great resource for your family and for Cub Scouts!

Yours in Scouting,

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Old Time Cub Scouter

Sunday 12th of June 2016

I just perused the table of contents for Kidventures over on Amazon, and most, if not all 50 activities can already be found in the Cub Scout handbooks and the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book, which is also a good resource for Cub Scout parents who are not leaders. The BSA has even more literature available on a wide range of activities which can be found at your local Scout shop or over at


Monday 20th of June 2016

Yes, I agree. This is just another source that parents can use. Unless their son is a Webelos, most parents don't have all of the handbooks for all of the ranks. And most don't have access to the How-To book.