Cub Scout Uniforms

Cub Scout Uniform – Important Tip

Cub Scout Uniform Shirt

A friend gave me great advice before I bought my oldest son’s first Cub Scout uniform.

Buy a big shirt!

Boys grow a lot from the beginning of first grade to the end of third grade, so unless you want to buy a second shirt, buy a big shirt.  As you can see, we barely made it!  The buttonholes were stretching a bit, but with only a few weeks of the year left, I couldn’t justify buying a new blue shirt. Continue reading

Keeping Track of the Cub Scout Neckerchief Slide

Cub Scout neckerchief slide
How many of you have had to stop a meeting for the boys to look for a lost Cub Scout neckerchief slide?

How many of you have had to buy a replacement slide because your son lost his?

And how many of you found the lost slide after purchasing the replacement?

I have to add myself to all three of those categories!  The picture shows what we found when my Webelos and I cleaned out one of his drawers. Continue reading