Cub Scouts: Easy Bird Feeders for Kids

bird feeder collage4The third option in our “bird feeders for kids to make” series is a craft stick bird feeder.  This feeder is simple to make, but it will take a little longer than the other two designs in the series.

Webelos can use this project to attract birds to their backyards.  Identifying and tracking the birds they see during a week’s time will complete Requirement 5 for the Naturalist activity badge.

Tigers and Wolves will fulfill electives with a bird feeder project.  Tigers can mark off Elective 32, and Wolf Cub Scouts get credit for Elective 13.  The project also completes Bear Cub Scout Requirement 5B.

Hanging bird feeder

With this design, the boys are basically making a platform for the bird seed. The idea came from Do Something Creative Daily.  You’ll need craft sticks, glue, string, shortening or peanut butter and bird seed…

Note:  If you’re a new Cub Scout leader and you don’t have a big box of craft sticks, order them now.  You’re going to use them!  And make sure you get a box of the jumbo craft sticks too.


Bird Feeder step 1

Start by placing two craft sticks parallel to each other. Glue two more sticks perpendicular to the first ones by putting a dab of glue at each end.


bird feeder 2You’ll have a square at this point. Glue two more layers of sticks onto the first layer.

bird feeder 3At this point, place and glue sticks all the way across the top so that you have a platform. Glue two more sticks perpendicular to the platform at each end.

bird feeder 4

Allow the glue to dry then flip the structure over so that the platform is on the bottom. Tie a piece of string (approximately 24″ long) around the top sticks near the corners. Pull the strings up and tie them together so that you have a nice hanger.

bird feeder 5Smear peanut butter or shortening on the platform.  Since it can be substituted to make the bird feeder without peanut butter, I prefer to use shortening because you don’t have to worry about a child’s allergies.

Cub Scout craft stick bird feeder 1

Sprinkle bird seed on top of the shortening. Make sure you do this outside or cover your work area with paper! Hang your bird feeder outside and watch for the birds!

Bird Feeders for Kids to Make Series
Part 1: Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder
Part 2: Soda Bottle Bird Feeder
Part 3: Craft Stick Bird Feeder

If you would prefer to build a wooden bird feeder, I found some nice kits on Amazon. Most are under $10. Click on one of the options below and check them out using my affiliate link.

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