Scoutbook: Great Alternative to a Cub Scout Tracking Spreadsheet

scoutbook logoScoutbook sponsored this post, but the opinions are totally mine.  As always, I will never recommend a product or service that I wouldn’t use myself.

If you’re using a Cub Scout tracking spreadsheet for your pack’s advancement, you’ll want to take a look at this better option.  Scoutbook is an incredible online tool to track your son’s Scouting journey.

belt loops

Earned awards are indicated on each boy’s record.

When my pack decided to replace our old online tracking system, the primary attribute we were looking for was ease of use for our den leaders and parents.  Scoutbook definitely delivers that!  Scoutbook is intuitive which allows us to figure out how to do a specific function quickly and effortlessly.

Scoutbook is a simply beautiful system.  I love how it shows images of the Cub Scout’s awards rather than just a list.  When the boys look at it, they can see their accomplishments.  Whether you’re accessing Scoutbook on your desktop or on your mobile device, you’ll find that they look and function identically.

Scoutbook is available for dens, packs and individuals.  In fact,  it offers FREE Cub Scout tracking online for one Scout.  Head on over to sign up your son.  It’s easy to check off the achievements and electives that he completes at home. I love how it shows completion percentages for ranks and belt loops.  Just imagine–you can throw away that Cub Scout belt loop tracking chart!

picture and percentage

Such a great looking interface. And a cute kid too! 🙂

Not only does Scoutbook track achievements and awards, it will also keep track of how many miles your Cub Scout has hiked, how many nights he has camped and how many service hours he has performed.  If you need a copy of the Individual Cub Scout Record Form 33827, Scoutbook will complete and generate it for your son.


If you’re a den or pack leader, you’re going to love Scoutbook!  It has so many awesome features that are simple to use.

Email Messaging

Emails can be sent to your entire pack, one den or just a few parents.   One of my pet peeves is getting an email that is being sent to a lot of people where I have to scroll down past all those names in the “to” field to get to the actual email text. To solve this, the email sender needs to put the recipients’ email addresses in the “bcc” field.  Scoutbook defaults to using “bcc” which I love!

email 2

Robust email/message system

With the click of a button, you can insert your pack or den’s upcoming events into the calendar.  What a great way to keep events top of mind for your parents!

At first glance, you may think that you can’t send an email just to a specific den.  That’s because you’ll see the list of everyone in the pack after you select the “send a message” option on your den page.  If none of the first few parents are in your den, it appears that the email will go to everyone.  Simply scroll down, and you’ll see the message recipients highlighted.

Meetings and Events

I absolutely LOVE the event functionality!  It makes tracking advancement so easy.  Here’s what you do:

  1. Add your event to the appropriate calendar–pack-wide or den-specific.
  2. Fill in the details of the event.
  3. Manage advancement by selecting the achievements, electives or awards you’re going to work on at that meeting.  You can even indicate which activities are supposed to be completed at home.
  4. After the meeting, go back into the event and mark which boys were in attendance.  Then BOOM!  Those advancement items are marked as completed for the boys.
scoutbook event 1

You can use Scoutbook on your phone!

scoutbook event 2

Mark the requirements you’ll complete at the meeting.

scoutbook event 3

Indicate home projects. .










Rather than writing out your meeting plans on a separate document, simply input them directly into Scoutbook.  There’s even a field for notes or agendas that can only be seen by the admins.  How easy is that?

Scoutbook allows you to set multiple reminders about an event.  So, I can have Scoutbook send a reminder 1 week in advance and again 1 day before an event.  You can even have it remind attendees just a few hours prior to the event.

Parents will find it so simple to RSVP to events.  Just click your image and select yes, no or maybe.  As the event organizer, there are a few improvements that could be made to the RSVP functionality.  Right now, there’s no way to indicate the number of people who will attend.  For example, families are invited to our pack picnic, but there was no place to indicate that little brother or sister would be attending as well.  This is on Scoutbook’s list of enhancements to make.

Although it’s great now, there are a few other minor tweaks that could be made to the event functionality. However, it is still in the beta test mode.  The Scoutbook folks continue to work on it, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves.


If you serve as an awards chairperson, you have a tough job!  Recording which boys earned which awards and creating your shopping list isn’t easy.  But Scoutbook can help.

Even if you don’t use the planned advancement feature, Scoutbook has a quick entry feature that allows you to enter awards for multiple Scouts at once.quick entry1

After your awards are entered and approved, they move to a “needs purchasing” list.  You can check your pack’s stash of awards (we all have one!) to see if you have that belt loop already.  Mark the ones you still need to purchase, and they’ll be added to a “purchase order” which you can use as a shopping list by printing and taking it to your local Scout Shop.  Just remember to go back and mark those awards as having been “awarded” so that you don’t buy them again.

You know that BSA Advancement Report 34403 that you have to fill out?  Click a button, and a pdf version of it will be created for you!  No more filling it out by hand!


roster builder

Some of the options you can show on your customized roster.

In addition to the awards reports, Scoutbook has a very cool roster builder.  The beauty of that is that you select what goes on the roster.  Do you need a list BSA member numbers for your group?  Or what about a list of email addresses for the Bear den parents?  Create the perfect roster for your needs.

Want to see which boys have uncompleted belt loops?  Need to check the medical form dates for any expired forms?  Want to see what percentage of the Tiger requirements your boys have finished?  Use Scoutbook’s report builder!  It’s still being developed, but you’ll find it very helpful already.

You can also run a leader training report to see at a glance what training your leaders is lacking.  But before you run that report, sync your leaders’ training records with ScoutNET.  Yep, you can keep your leaders’ Scoutbook training profile up to date with a click of a button.


I have been so impressed with the support available from the folks at Scoutbook!  If you need help importing your pack’s records from another system, they’ll guide you through the process or even do it for you.

Scoutbook has a very active member forum of Scouters helping Scouters.  I have posted questions there, and other members of the forum have answered very quickly.

cub scout references 1

Click on any of these options for information.


There are lots of resources within Scoutbook including links to BSA websites, lists of and links to councils and requirements for advancement & awards.  This is far more than you’ll get from a Cub Scout tracking spreadsheet!  🙂

Scoutbook is such a great system!  And they continue to add and refine features.  I’m very pleased with our pack’s decision to begin using Scoutbook.  I encourage you to click over and sign up your son!  And if your pack wants to check it out, take advantage of Scoutbook’s 30 day free trial.

Yours in Scouting,

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111 thoughts on “Scoutbook: Great Alternative to a Cub Scout Tracking Spreadsheet

  1. Holly

    I LOVE the intuitiveness of Scoutbook over other online tracking systems. Our Pack was recently introduced to the other system and bought it before I could present Scoutbook, which I think would be a better fit for us. Parents aren’t using the current system, but I think they WOULD use this one as it is visually more pleasing and fulfills the need for instant images of a Scout’s achievements. The dashboard is an awesome feature. I’m using it for my individual Scout, but I wish the rest of my Pack could also enjoy the experience.

    1. Stan

      My experience (years of Cubmastering) is that if a parent won’t use one online tracking tool, they won’t use any online tracking tool, no matter how easy it is.

  2. Michelle S.

    I like the overall set up. Easy to enter and see what has been earned. I have another system that I’ve used for Cub Scouts – but I may go with this one for Boy Scouts.

  3. Dawn

    I like the percentage toward ranks. Gives the boys a first hand look at how close they really are to earning their rank.

  4. Staci

    I really like how visual all the pages are. The pictures really help to see what the boys have earned and how far they are in the program.

  5. Sarah Wages

    Sounds like there is so much to love! I’m the Advancement Chair for our Pack and love the ability to customize a shopping list. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Jennifer

      Can you explain what kind of customization that you’ve done with a shopping list? I do Advancements as well, and do NOT like the system we use, but don’t have anything to compare it to.

  6. Amber

    This looks amazing! Someone put a lot of thought into this! Kids are so visual and I think the reports provided through this program would really help them understand better what they to do to finish rank.

    1. Stan

      Is this meant to be used by Scouts or by Akelas to track progress? I wouldn’t want to let a Scout near this thing; before you know it, they’d have “earned” every award offered by the BSA.

      1. Sherry Post author

        HA!! You’re right! For Cub Scouts, it’s intended to be for the parents. But I believe that as boys move into Boy Scouts, it’s intended for parents and Scouts.

  7. Paige

    My favorite feature is that parents and den leaders will always be on the same page. No more e-mails about what their son is missing because they don’t bring their books to den meetings. Such a great time saver and more effective way to get parents involved in their son’s progress.

  8. Ryan Hauck

    I am really interested in ScoutBook…I love how easy it is to track individual progress on a really granular level, to visually see what they have and what they need. I love that it gives parents direct access to this as well. We are seriously considering switching over..a free year would certainly help 🙂

  9. Adam Cox

    Our Troop is moving from Troopmaster to Scoutbook. It’s great! I was a longtime user of Packmaster, but Scoutbook allows everyone to see what they need to see and update as needed. Thanks for the great info!

  10. Leah

    Our pack got a subscription to Scoutbook last year, and we absolutely love it! I highly recommend to any scout unit. It is so much more than just a scout tracking system, and the ease of use is amazing. We have gotten great feedback from our leaders as well as parents. There are so many wonderful features that it is hard to choose just one. 🙂

  11. Michelle Dworak

    I love the page that shows the scout’s photos and belt loops and progress. I know that page would inspire my cub. I really love everything about this program! Very cool!

  12. Jane

    I love that it’s so easy to keep track of your scouts’ progress. Even after years in scouts, some parents still don’t understand just where their son stands in his ranking. We now have something we can show “visually” to the parents.

  13. Shane lunsford

    Overall it looks great. So much more robust than other options currently on the market. And affordable on top of that. I love the fact that it can be accessed via web or mobile. I look forward to testing the system and putting it to work for our pack.

  14. Brittany

    I like everything about this app. Went ahead and signed up to use for my son. I never seen a scout app so organized. I love how it show the percentage bar and that each child has their own dashboard. So neat!

  15. Amber W.

    My husband is the new Cubmaster of our pack and I serve as the Wolf Den leader (and Tiger Den until we can find a leader) and this would certainly simplify all of our paperwork! I love the ease with which parents can input their son’s home achievements and how the boys can visually see how close they are to completing various awards. It also seems like Scoutbook is staying on top of the changes that come with the programs, so hopefully there will be a seamless transition to the new program next year.

  16. Krista

    I am new as a cubmaster and I have no idea what I am doing. This looks like it would be SO helpful! Thanks for the information.

  17. Sabrina Stafford

    I love this program so far! A few things that stand out to me….. That you can use this for a boy in Cubbies and all his info will go with him to the Troops account…. Also, love that the attendance and advancements work together if you use the attendance feature!

  18. Wolf Den Daniel

    I am blown away by . I don’t have one favorite feature, so I’ll just say that the degree to which it was designed for mobile devices is impressive. I love the ability to synchronize unit leader rosters with individual BSA training records.

  19. Gabriella Wright

    I have been using scoutbook for about 4 mo New. My favorite feature is just the vividness of the graphics! Looks up to date compared to other programs and of course their customer service! Quick entry is pretty cool too! Ohhh I can’t narrow it down, it is just awesome altogether!

  20. Cheryl Allen

    I love that the mobile app is just like the actual site. I am impressed with the tracking abilities, but I was really excited when I saw that they are coming up with something to track and show JTE. It is that time of year for us and that is definitely on my mind. The ability to print a “purchase order” for ordering awards looks nice, too.

  21. Kylene

    Unable to locate a # to call for questions – My question is…. I am the Committee/Charter Org Rep. Therefore, I track both pack and troop info. When looking at the prices, would we need to purchase one for our pack and the other for our troop or can we combine them since we are so small in numbers?

    Please Cc your reply to my work email which is Kylene.Kleine@

    Thanks in advance for your assistance in answering my question ~

    Kylene Kleine
    LDS Cub / Troop 163
    Rome, GA

  22. Becky C

    I need this. All of it. It looks like it will solve the problem of getting parents involved and responding (since no one responds to emails anymore).

  23. Valerie

    Looks so easy!!!!! I am definitely going to be bringing this up to our committee chair for the pack! I love that everyone can see what is there…I wouldn’t have to continue to print report after report for each parent to show them what has been done. I WANT THIS!!!!

  24. Jodi

    I’m a new leader & I’m excited about the whole thing! At this point, I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to be keeping track of. To have Scoutbook to use for my 10 scouts would be an immense help!

  25. Dan

    Love using Scoutbook. The transition from Cibtrails had been a little hectic but as a CubMaster it presents the Pack with an easier “venue” to track the progression of our scouts, communicate internally and allow parents the opportunity to view the effort that the Pack leaders out into the boys.

    1. Jennifer

      Do you mean CubTrails? That’s what we use and I’d love a comparison of the two systems. There’s a lot about CubTrails that isn’t that great in my opinion…

  26. Brooks Prevette

    Our Pack has used ScoutBook for over a year now, with absolutely NO COMPLAINTS!! The system is user friendly.

    The way that they had everything in the cloud and not where it had to be constantly updated is awesome!!

    I will say my only regret is that we didn’t sign up sooner!!

  27. Angela D

    Love all the photos & the interface with mobile devices. We use CubTrails now, but we are not happy & our parent usage is very low. I think this is mainly due to the fact that most folks are primarily on their mobile devices & not computers. Scoutbook is also very reasonably priced.

  28. Missy Goodman

    I use this personally and think it would be great to use as a Pack! I can use on my computer, kindle or phone!

  29. Alex

    I am really excited about trying this program out. I have been using the CubTrax spreadsheets for the previous two years, which have been really helpful. Unfortunately, the only way parents can see progress is for me to print the sheets to PDF and email out. This then triggers email exchanges about other achievements accomplished at home, updating more emailing.

    Having parents be able to see in real time would be awesome. Having the parents be able to suggest achievements /electives completed without automatic improvement is also great.

    I was really impressed with the camping and service hours log, and went back and populated my son’s back to Tiger.

    Thanks for a great piece of software,

  30. Rich Murphy

    Love this format. We use Cubtrails, but lately it has been slow and it is limited in tracking camping, religious emblems, etc. I would love it if they add a feature for fundraising and popcorn sales. Crossing my fingers on this reward!

  31. Monica

    I love how visual it is. The loading bar towards advancement is great. I love how interactive it seems and how everyone will be able to get the information they need from 1 source.

  32. Kara Gibson

    I love the the visuals! It makes it so much easier to see exactly what they’ve earned. My pack could really use this, if only we could afford it. I’ll defiantly be using this for my boys though. Thanks!

  33. Mimi g

    This sounds great. I like the idea if all the awards do easily tracked and the invite to pack meetings all in one place. We currently don’t RSVP but it looks great. Thanks.

  34. Tom McFadden

    I have been using Scout book for over a year for my son. I love the visual display of all awards and the responsiveness of the developers. I also love it’s ease of use and constant adding of features.

    My only complaint is that there’s no offline component for times when your in the backcountry and there’s no signal. Other than that best tracking site ever.

    It was built by scouts and scouters and a portion of your fee is donated back to your local council. No I’m just a user, who loves it. I have recommended it to numerous units but due to the cost my son’s pack refused to switch.

    He’s about to crossover, and I’m the Cubmaster of another unit that could really benefit from this subscription.

    Thanks for promoting this wonderful tool.

  35. Debbie

    I am most excited to be able to see advancements in one place. It will sure beat the 4 sheets of paper I’m using now. Much easier for parents and the pack leaders to see too!

  36. Pam

    As a new den leader this would be amazing. Many of us new to scouting are stepping up after hearing that our local pack would not be having certain dens as no leaders were available. I would love to make tracking easier and modern

  37. Heather

    How I love Scoutbook, let me count the ways! I LOVE the visual percentage completed, I LOVE the Purchase Order in Reports, I LOVE the Events Page and how easy it makes planning and reminders being sent out, I LOVE that I finally have our whole Pack on board, I expecially LOVE LOVE LOVE that as you complete items it marks them completed in multiple areas! We have been able to help our cubs receive awards that no one had heard of before! All because Scoutbook takes the guess work out of it and simplifies everything! Our scouts are super excited about the Belt Loops, Awards and Recognition that they are receiving and Den Leaders are excited about the ease of planning, tracking and the knowledge it unlocks! However, there is one problem…. We will need to increase our budget for awards next year, (If you call that a problem!) I LOVE SCOUTBOOK and it has helped me to LOVE scouting!!!!

  38. Jen

    What a great resource for Scout leaders! I’m a visual person and having the awards visually represented is nice. I know our boys will be motivated when they see the awards they can earn.

  39. Jatin

    You know after using Packmaster for awhile and other spreadsheets, etc – this is so much easier. Thanks! Hope I win 🙂 for my pack – would be so much better!


  40. Lori Meredith

    We are looking for a tracking system for our boys and this software looks ideal for everyone in our pack to utilize! I am going to sign my son up for a free account to start working around it. I love the idea of being able to have one place for everyone to see what is going on each month! I am also in love with the idea that I can use this for my cub and boy scout!!!

  41. debb walker

    Our pack is in its 4th year and we have been doing everyt h ing manually and it has been SO CONFUSING!! This is something a newer pack should start off with RIGHT AWAY!! It would help keep track of everything for arrow of light from those first year tigers to webelos! It would help retain leaders by making tracking awards and ordering awards so much easier! The fact that parents can go online also let’s them stay in touch and keep them motivated in helping their scout complete their requirements. Win-win-win!!!

  42. Gretchen

    I like that Scoutbook is “real time” information that is accessible by both the parent, den leader and advancement leaders. I like everyone being able to access this information at one time to address / plan activities to meet /advance the cub scouts.

  43. Jackie Gillock

    I love this. I think that all the leaders and parents would love this. It would take the load off of one person to record everything. Plus it can be done right as you are awarding the boys and nothing is forgotten. Love it! My Pack would love it too!

  44. Lydmarie Llorens

    I’m in love with the purchase order function which you can use as a shopping list by printing and taking it to your local Scout Shop and then, the BSA Advancement Report 34403. Also, all Calendar options including reminders, and advancements.

  45. Dennis D

    I love all the built in automation. From tracking advancement based off meeting events, generating purchase lists to filling out BSA forms for you automatically. Scoutbook is a must have tool for any pack and I definitely look forward to trying it out and presenting it at our next committee meeting.

  46. Shannon

    We aren’t currently using an effective online tracking tool, but I think the progress toward ranks in visual format would be so helpful. Also I like the fact that scoutbook is in a cloud and it has mobile capabilities. The interfacing between parents and leaders seems so effective and we just don’t have that without a unified system. This looks so user friendly and helps transition from leader to leader. We’d love the chance to try it out!

  47. Solenia Cain

    There are so many wonderful things to do on this site and I can see where it would be a blessing to have this to keep up with everything. Especially, since my pack has 3 adults that work directly with the boys and 15 boys. However, as affordable as it is, it just isn’t in our budget as a relatively new pack. We prefer to spend the money we have on activities and events for the boys. The best part of the site I can see for us would be the ability to save time by accessing all the boys at once to see what they have left they need to work on and uploading den achievements all at once instead of one at a time.

  48. Jennifer Halmes

    I love that this is committee and parent friendly. Being able to RSVP for events is great too. FB is great for some things but this would be great for everything!

  49. Kim Allen

    It is possible that I could save enough money to pay for this tracking program for my 75 cub scouts just by NOT having to reissue beltloops I know they have previously earned!

  50. Shanna

    I love love love that you can track the scout’s progress with badges etc that they are trying to earn! Seems like it would simplify my life a lot because I try to put that info on my spreadsheet all while trying to run the meetings. Thank you for reviewing this product for us and bringing it to our attention. 🙂

  51. Amanda

    This is amazing. My tiger cub scout and I would love this. This is our first time in scouts and we are having issues trying to learn the ropes. This will help make it a lot easier.

  52. Alyssa Rogers

    We have recently moved packs. Our old pack used ScoutBook, and I miss it so much! It was so easy to use; much more user-friendly than what this pack currently is using. I would love for them to have a chance to try this out. Plus, as our boys are about to move from Webelos II to Boy Scouts, we need something that will grow with them. This would be a great opportunity for our group to get to experience this fine product. Thanks in advance!

  53. Kimberly P

    This looks great. I love that you can see everything at a glace for your son. And I love that you can use it at home or on my phone when we have outdoor activities. So much easier than trying to remember who was there, what they did etc. Looks great.

  54. Christina

    I love that it shows the percentage of work that has been done. It looks so nice and keeps track of all the different awards and even Faith in God, all in one place. I love it and will be recommending it to my Pack!

  55. Tara Falk

    I really like the percentages to show you how close your scout is to the next rank. I’m having trouble tracking that for my scouts now. I love the mobile accessibility too!

  56. Danny

    I have played around with Scoutbook for my Scout and I love the mobility and tracking. I will be talking about its capabilities at our next Pack meeting to let parents know about it!

  57. Jason

    Wow – features look endless. Really like that it has a mobile app, and especially that you can actually view pictures of the awards earned. It gets confusing with other software trying to read down a list. A great feature seems to be thatyou can assign roles to the scouts to update records and add responsibility to them. Overall looks like a great and promising product.

  58. Pat Gorman

    My favorite feature is the usability feature to ipads, tablets, etc. I also like the awards tracking feature. Great product, hope our pack considers this.

  59. Amy

    Our pack has been using Scoutbook for the last year. WE LOVE IT!!!
    It has made tracking so much simpler and the reports make it easy for us to see where everyones progress is. Our parents love how easy it is to use and the kids love seeing where they are with the visual percentage.

  60. Tina

    This looks Great!!! We use a different online program and it is nowhere near as nice as this one. We have told parents they can use the one we have, but very few do. I think we would get a lot more interest if we used Scoutbook. It looks very easy to navigate and the boys would enjoy using this one as well. Getting a free year would help convince the pack to switch!

  61. Rob B

    I love how it tracks percent complete for the different awards and advancements. Hopefully they will also add the BSA Family Award to the Cub Awards.

  62. Sharlon

    I love the fact that it allows parents easy access to see where their boys are and communication with parents on what is happening. So awesome!!

  63. karen stark

    Thanks to your review, we’re trying it for our Cub Scout pack here in Tennessee. It’s already made life so much easier! And since we’re in a low income area, our pack doesn’t have a lot of funds to sink into an expensive program so we appreciate the low, and scalable cost!

  64. karina_M-685

    Another question: Can I start the trial with one scout, and if I like it purchase the package to the entire pack, with reenter all the data??

    1. Jason Jackson

      Hello karina_M-685,

      To answer your (other) question, you can actually start an entire troop on a trail. We even support imports from ScoutNet while in your trial so that your can test Scoutbook out with your unit info already entered. You can see our FAQ on this:

      We also support imports from many other software programs:

      If you have any other problems, suggestions, or inquiries, feel free to contact me at

      Jason Jackson
      Life Scout and Tech Support Engineer

  65. Melissa Hollingsworth

    Our pack is currently using another type of software that I don’t think is very user friendly. This looks so much better! I love the ability to see the actual awards instead of a list. I also love the option of making reports. As the assistant awards leader, I would really appreciate that. Scoutbook is also less expensive than our current software.

  66. Alison Moon

    Communication! The ties that bind a Pack and Troop together. This program ties scouts, parents and leaders together. Sharing information….The same Information and if the leadership changes and we know it does in LDS units this programs provides a cohesiveness. The information is recorded and easily passed on. I was orienting myself to program with trial addition and several of our units were reorganized and so many scout lost records. I am signing up!

  67. Katherine S.

    I love that I can mark off all achievements for the whole den on one page, then it updates everyone at once! I have been using scoutbook for a year and I love how easy it is, and that you can use it on a mobile device!

  68. Mark

    The reporting output to PDF is my favorite feature. Going through re chartering right now, would have been nice to have this program over the past year to help with all the paperwork…

  69. James

    Our pack currently uses Scouttrack , which I thought was good. Looking at Scoutbook, I find it is a lot better. It includes a lot more material to keep up with. It has graphics which should encourage the younger guys to pay attention to achievements and ranks. I like how you have council information. All the connections and messages you can do are great. I think parents would be much more likely to use this than one that is pretty much words that you check off (kind of boring). I’m now checking on when our subscription to Scouttrack is up…

  70. Dana

    I love the flexibility and ease of scoutbook. You can use it on the go so when you need to add achievements or badges its easy to do with the busyness of life. I would love to have this for our pack.

  71. Jason Jackson


    We would just like to say thank you for all of your positive feedback regarding Scoutbook, and also any that is to come!

    If anyone has any questions, problems, or suggestions, feel more than free to contact me or one of our other representatives at

    Happy Scouting!

    Jason Jackson
    Life Scout and Tech Support Engineer

  72. Lieca

    This looks amazing. Quick entry for multiple scouts, messaging and sharing events specifically excite me. Can’t wait to see more improvements in Scoutbook!

  73. Paul P. Conner

    This looks awesome. I’m sending it to our Pack Leader right now. Really love the way it displays the awards and ranks the boys have earned. And the email, calendar and reminders will certainly help our communication.

  74. Amy Clayburn

    I like the fact that it looks the same whether on a desktop or mobile. I also like the shopping list!
    Amy C.
    Pack 209

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