Bear Cub Scout Requirements Warning

12 bear cub scout requirementsA word of caution about the requirements for the Bear Cub Scout rank…

There are 24 Bear Cub Scout requirements listed in the Bear handbook.  They are divided into four categories:  God, Country, Family and Self.

Bear Cubs must complete 12 of these requirements–one activity from the God category, three from the Country category, four from the Family category and four from the Self category.  Each category has multiple options from which the boys may pick.

In the Tiger and Wolf ranks, boys need to complete all of the listed requirements in order to advance.  So, this is the first time that Cub Scouts may choose which activities they want to do.

It is easy for a Bear den leader to get confused and think that the Cubs must complete all 24 of the listed requirements in order to earn their Bear rank.

A couple of years ago, I heard about a leader who was very worried that her Bears would not earn their rank before their Blue and Gold banquet (when the boys received their advancement awards).  At first, the Cubmaster couldn’t figure out why the den wasn’t going to finish in time.

After talking to the leader for a few minutes, he realized that the den was trying to complete all 24 requirements.  Boy, was that leader happy to learn that they didn’t have to try to squeeze all of them in!

So, if you’re a Bear den leader, remember that your boys are only required to complete 12 of the 24 activities:

  • One from the God category
  • Three from the Country category
  • Four from the Family category
  • Four from the Self category

Pass this on to all of the Bear den leaders you know!

Yours in Scouting,

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