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Bear RoboticsAs of May 31, 2022, this adventure has been retired. The information about the adventure will remain here reference only.

Robotics, a Bear Elective Adventure

The Bear Den Leader guide says, “Advances in science and technology have created a world of possibilities.  Robots of many shapes and sizes can now perform tasks traditionally done by humans–from sensing the speed of a vehicle to sorting items based on color.  In this elective adventure, bear Scouts will learn how different types of robots are used and then create their own simple robotic figures.”

Read on to discover this adventure’s requirements and fun ways to complete them!


Complete at least four of the following

  1.  Identify six tasks performed by robots.
  2. Learn about some instances where a robot could be used in place of a human for work. Research one robot that does this type of work, and present what you learn to your den.
  3. Build a robot hand. Show how it works like a human hand and how it is different from a human hand.
  4. Build your own robot.
  5. Visit a place that uses robots.