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3 Reasons Why Jokes are Important for Cub Scouts

cub scout jokes

To get your Cub Scouts more involved in pack meetings, tell them that you're going to start asking for two or three volunteers to tell a joke at the next meeting

It seems so simple, but Cub Scout pack meeting jokes are actually beneficial in several ways

Practice Public Speaking with Jokes

One of the biggest fears for many adults is speaking in front of a group. So experts recommend that kids get public speaking experience when they're young.

If children can practice public speaking when they are young and in a safe environment, they may not be afraid of it as they grow older.

boy telling joke at day camp

Being able to speak confidently in public can do wonders for our kids' self-esteem. It can strongly impact how our kids view themselves which in turn impacts how well they do in school.

Jokes Energize Cub Scout Meetings

We've all been at pack meetings where the Scouts became bored.  Either the awards presentation lasted too long or the guest speaker was dull. Regardless of the reason, you have to do something to engage them.

Asking one of the kids to tell a joke will definitely get the crowd laughing–even if the joke isn't that funny to the adults.

Scouting's founder, Lord Baden-Powell said this about humor, “A boy is naturally full of humor.” 

Note: When Lord Baden-Powell said this, girls weren't part of Boy Scouts. If he were still alive today, I'm sure he would say the same thing about girls. 

Read Boys' Life for Fun Jokes

If you don't have some rules about the jokes that the Scouts are allowed to tell, you'll wind up with an evening of potty jokes.  Because Boys' Life magazine is published by the Boys Scouts of America, the jokes will be appropriate for Cub Scouts.

Simply instruct the kids that they are allowed to tell jokes that are printed in Boys' Life.  If they aren't reading the magazine already, they will definitely start.

boys' life magazine jokes

Cub Scouts from Tigers to Webelos will love being the comedian for the evening, so plan on making this a part of all your pack meetings.

Boys' Life is such a great resource for our Cub Scouts! Find out my top 10 reasons why every Cub Scout needs a subscription to Boys' Life.

If your child doesn't get Boys' Life magazine, order it here or talk to your Cubmaster.  In our pack, we include the price of the magazine in the annual dues so that all of our members automatically get the subscription.

Roaring Laughter Bear Adventure

Humor is such an important part of Scouting that there is an adventure all about it! The Bear den leader guide has this to say about the Roaring Laughter adventure:

“In this adventure Bear Scouts will share laughter with others, strengthening their bond with family members and the den.”

kid laughing

They'll play a game that makes them laugh, perform run-ons at a meeting, share jokes, and read tongue-twisters aloud.

Fun Joke Book

Need a good source of jokes? Check out this fun Scout joke book!

Yours in Scouting,

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