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Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraising for Cub Scouts

NOTE: Before doing any fundraiser, you must get approval from your local council.
You must complete the Unit Money-Earning Application to request approval.

Mickman Brothers

Is your pack looking for a new way to raise funds?  Do you need an easy fundraiser with good profit margins and a high potential for repeat business?  Then look no further than Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraising!

When Mickman Brothers contacted me about sponsoring a review of their program, I looked at the products they offer.  Boy, was I impressed!  They have four styles of balsam fir wreaths, three styles of mixed evergreen door sprays, three indoor evergreens, balsam fir garlands and accessories such as door hangers and LED lights.

These beautiful wreaths and sprays are handmade from Minnesota balsam fir.  They are tastefully decorated with ribbon, pine cones and other embellishments.  Your neighbors, friends and family will be pleased to have a Mickman Brothers wreath on their doors.

Because many families spend money purchasing gifts and decorating their homes for the holidays each year, your target audience is unlimited.

You can sell these products in two ways–the traditional fundraising program and the holiday gift program.  The traditional program ships the products to the pack so that your boys can hand deliver them to the customer. In the holiday gift program, the products are shipped directly to the recipient.  You can choose the program best suited for your pack, or you can utilize both to earn even more money.

mickman 5

Even after your wreaths are delivered,  your pack can earn even more through Mickman Holiday Gifts.   Attached to each wreath is a thank you card and coupon with the Holiday Gifts website and your pack's ID number.  For each evergreen product ordered through the site with your ID number, your pack will earn $5, and your customer gets a $3 discount.  Win-win for everyone!

The Mickman Brothers program is highly customizable.  You can determine your own profit margin and set your prices accordingly.  Groups typically make between $5 and $10 per product sold.

I also love the fact that you can order sales aids specific to your fundraiser.  For example, if you're only participating in the holiday gift program, you can get brochures just for that.  If you only want to sell Christmas wreaths, you can get a brochure that only shows wreaths.  This makes it a lot less confusing for parents and Cub Scouts.

Many fundraising companies require you to purchase the product first then sell it.  There's always a risk that you might order too much product and not be able to sell it.  Mickman Brothers eliminates the risk because you only order what you've sold.  And they give you time to deliver the wreaths and collect payment before you have to pay them.

The products are packaged and shipped in a patented wreath shipping carton so that they are delivered to your pack without being crushed or flattened.  This ensures that the wreaths are as beautiful when they're delivered as they are when they're assembled.

Worried about how to make your fundraiser a success?  No need to because Mickman Brothers assigns one of their highly skilled customer service representatives to work with you every step of the way.  The CSRs will help you with your unique situation.  You'll also receive a weekly e-newsletter with videos, tips and tricks while conducting your fundraiser.  These resources will “maximize your profit while minimizing your effort.”

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Conservation of our natural resources is an important part of Cub Scouting.  That's yet another reason why Mickman Brothers is a good fit as a Cub Scout fundraiser.  According to their website, “Balsam trees are not cut down to make our holiday products.  We use the tips of the branches, giving the tree a ‘hair cut'!  The trees regenerate and can be used again every 3 years!”

In addition, for every item purchased through the Holiday Gift Program, a tree is planted in honor of the recipient through the donation of a seedling from Mickman Brothers.  To date, they have donated over 600,000 seedlings in 27 states.  The recipient's name is recorded on the Mickman Brothers website.  What a wonderful gift to our planet!

There are so many good reasons to hold a Mickman Brothers wreath fundraiser this year!  So click on over to their website, and get your free wreath fundraising info kit today.  And be sure to tell them that Cub Scout Ideas sent you.

Yours in Scouting,

P.S.  Check out this great video that gives you an overview of the Mickman Brothers fundraising program.

P.P.S.  Mickman Brothers sponsored this post, but the opinions are totally mine.  As always, I will never recommend a product or service that I wouldn’t use myself.


Wednesday 16th of March 2016

Great idea! Sounds very similar to what our troop does via Oregon Evergreen & Willamette Evergreen for our Christmas Wreath Fundraiser! Check it out at