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Use Webelos to Teach Tigers

Use Webelos to teach Tigers

To help get our new Tiger den leader off to a good start, I led the first Tiger den meeting this year.  Boy, it brought back memories!  Little guys wanting to know if they were having snacks and what they were having for snack.  Tigers asking if it was time to go home even though we had just gotten started.  And my personal favorite–first graders saluting with their left hand!

Our pack made a change this year, and all of our dens meet on the same night at the same place (different rooms).  I took advantage of this and asked my Webelos 2s to help the new Tigers with their Bobcat requirements.

The Webelos showed the Tigers how to do the Cub Scout handshake as they introduced themselves.  They practiced the Cub Scout salute and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then the Webelos taught the Tigers the most important thing of all–the Cub Scout sign!  After I explained what it means, we practiced showing that we were ready to listen by making the Cub Scout sign.

Having the Webelos teach the Tigers has some wonderful benefits:

  • It gives the Webelos a sense of pride and leadership
  • It allows the Webelos to practice setting a good example
  • It shows the Tigers what they can look forward to
  • It shows the new Tiger parents the poise and knowledge the Cub Scouts learn
  • It's more fun for the Tigers than just listening to a leader talk

Have you used the Webelos to teach other ranks?  What did they teach?

Yours in Scouting,

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