Cub Scout Skits for Campfires

campfire skitsSkits are one of the many reasons that Cub Scouting is so much fun.  The boys don’t realize it, but their participation is also teaching them to be comfortable speaking to a group.

In the Cub Scout Adventure program, Tigers and Wolves are required to do a campfire program skit.

Tiger Required Adventure:  Tigers in the Wild 5:  Participate in an outdoor pack meeting or pack campfire. Sing a song and act out a skit with your Tiger den as part of the program.

Wolf Required Adventure:  Howling at the Moon 3: Work together with your den or family to plan, prepare, and rehearse a campfire program to present at a den meeting or pack program.

If you search the internet for Cub Scout skits, you’ll find literally hundreds.  While not all of them are appropriate anymore, there are many funny ones out there that can be performed in front of Cub Scouts.  Some of them are very elaborate and require props.  Those are fun, but if you’re like me, you may forget to bring those props to your pack meeting!  🙂  So, I need simple and easy Cub Scout skits.

I’ve compiled this list of 6 skits that can be done without props and with little practice.

The Viper is Coming!

This works best with at least 5 boys.

Cub Scout 1: Runs in “The viper is coming! Run!”  Runs out
Cub Scout 2: Runs in “The viper is coming! Hide!” Runs out
#3: Runs in  “The viper is coming! Call for help!” Runs out
#4: Runs in “The viper is coming! Save yourselves!” Runs out
Viper: Walks in holding a napkin or rag “Hallo! I’m de Viper! Vere’s de Vindows?”


Got Any Duck Food?

You need 2 boys for this skit–a store owner and a customer.

The store owner stands behind a table or chair as if they’re behind a store counter. 
Customer: Walks in and faces store owner “Got any duck food?”
Owner: “No, this is a hardware store. We don’t sell duck food.”
Customer leaves and walks back in.
Customer: “Got any duck food?”
Owner:  “I told you yesterday that we don’t sell duck food.”
Customer leaves and walks back in.
Customer: “Got any duck food?”
Owner: “No! This is a haaaaardwaaaaaaaare store. We….do….not….sell….duck….food.”
Customer leaves and walks back in.
Customer: “Got any duck food?”
Owner: “No! No! No! Like I told you yesterday, we have no duck food!  And, if you ask me again, I’m gonna nail your feet to the floor!”
Customer leaves and walks back in.
Customer: “Got any nails?”
Owner: “No.”
Customer: “Got any duck food?”


Invisible Bench Skit

This skit is best with 4 to 8 scouts.

Cub Scout 1 walks onstage and squats down as if he is sitting on a bench that is invisible.
Cub Scout 2 walks up to Cub Scout 1.
Cub Scout 2: “Whatcha doing?”
Cub Scout 1:  “Just sitting on this invisible bench.”
Cub Scout 2: “Can I join you?”
Cub Scout 1: “Sure!”
Cub Scout 2 squats down to sit next to Cub Scout 1.  Cub Scout 3 walks up to Cub Scouts 1 & 2.
Cub Scout 3: “Hey, what are you guys doing?”
Cub Scouts 1 & 2:  “Just sitting on this invisible bench.”
Cub Scout 3:  “Do you mind if I join you?”
Cub Scouts 1 & 2: “Not at all!  Have a seat.”
Continue the dialog with each Cub Scout coming up to ask what the boys are doing and if he can join them until you get to the last Cub Scout.
Last Cub Scout: “What are y’all doing?”
All Cub Scouts:  “Just sitting here on this invisible bench.”
Last Cub Scout: “No you aren’t. I moved that bench over there yesterday.” Cub Scout points.
All Cub Scouts who are sitting fall down.


Can't Work in the Dark Skit

You need 4 or more scouts for this skit.

All scouts are pretending to rake leaves or dig with shovels.  One scout just stands there with his arm raised straight as if he were holding a torch in his hand.

Boss walks in.  He walks up to the Cub Scout who has his arm raised.

Boss:  “I’m paying you to work, not to just stand around. Why aren’t you working?”
Cub Scout with arm raised:  “I’m a lightbulb!”
Boss: “Get to work! When I come back, if you aren’t working, you’re fired!”
Boss leaves, and Cub Scouts continue to work.  Boss returns and sees the “lightbulb” Scout still standing with his arm raised.
Boss: “That’s it! You’re fired! Get out!”
Scout drops his arm and dejectedly leaves.  As soon as he drops his arm, the rest look around, stop working and start to leave.
Boss:  “Hey, why are you guys leaving? Get back to work!”
Cub Scouts:  “How? We can’t work in the dark!”


Emergency Broadcast System Skit

One Cub Scout or leader stands to the side or in front.  All other Scouts stand in line.
Leader: “For the next ten seconds, we will conduct a test of the emergency broadcast system.”
Cub Scouts: “Beeeeeeeeeeeppppp” for 10 seconds until Leader raises his hand.
Leader:  “Thank you. This concludes the test of the emergency broadcast system. Had this been an actual emergency, you would have heard…”
Cub Scouts scream in panic and run around waving their hands.


'We Have No Skit' Skit

You can use as many Cub Scouts as you would like for this skit.

Cub Scout 1 walks up and slaps his forehead.
Cub Scout 1:  “Oh, no!”
Cub Scout 2 walks up.
Cub Scout 2:  “What’s wrong?”
Cub Scout 1 whispers into Cub Scout 2’s ear.
Cub Scout 2:  “Oh, no!”
Repeat this for each Cub Scout only one Cub Scout is left. He runs up to the group.
Last Cub Scout:  “What’s wrong?”
All Cub Scouts:  “We have no skit!!!”

scout skits book

I hope you liked these fun and easy skits!  My favorite has to be the “We Have No Skit” skit.  🙂  What’s your favorite?

If you want more skit ideas, you can search online for them.  Another great source is this Scout Skits book that’s available through my Amazon affiliate link.

Share your favorite Scout skit in a comment below!

Yours in Scouting,

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4 thoughts on “Cub Scout Skits for Campfires

  1. Amber W.

    Fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing. I also like “The Candy Store”. You’ll need 2 audience volunteers, a stick (which is usually readily available on campouts) and several scouts. You can adapt this skit for as many scouts as you have – you’ll need a minimum of 2 plus your volunteers. Ask for 2 volunteers from the audience and ask them to stand and hold onto one end of a stick (they’re forming a counter for the candy store). One scout stands behind the “counter” and other scouts enter the store and ask “Do you have any (fill in the blank with a kind of candy)?” The shop owner answers “No” each time. Repeat for as many scouts as you have or at least a few different times if you only have the 2 scouts. Finally the second scout asks “Well, what do you have?” The shop owner answers “2 suckers on a stick”

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