Cub Scout Flag Ceremony at Local School

Flag Ceremony at schoolOur local elementary school has an assembly every month where they recognize some of the students who have shown good character.  The parents of those students are invited to attend the assembly which opens with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Last year, one of our den leaders suggested that our pack approach the school about presenting a flag ceremony and leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  We would have our Cub Scouts wear their uniforms to school.  We would be more visible in the community and could provide a service to the school.

We approached the principal who allowed us to do this every other month.  The Girl Scouts perform the ceremony on our off months.  The boys love it!  They get to stand in front of all their friends, and they like getting comments about their uniforms.

Because of this activity, we’ve been called on to help with other flag-related duties.  We were asked to retire a flag that was getting a bit worn.  Whenever a soldier from our state is killed, our governor orders that flags be flown at half staff.  Often, there is very short notice of this.  Our principal has called on the Cub Scouts to perform the half staff flag raising ceremony.  We are honored to participate in this tradition.

This project is considered a service project, so it counts toward your Journey to Excellence score.  Make sure you enter the project service hours on this website.

How are you involved in the community?

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