Learn Campfire Safety with a Craft: Edible Campfire


One of our lunchtime activities at Cub Scout day camp this summer was learning how to build an edible campfire.  We were able to teach campfire safety via this craft edible campfire.

I estimated the amounts of each of the supplies, so I hope this helps you as you’re planning.

Edible Campfire Supplies:

  • Paper plate – 1 per boy
  • Small paper cup – 1 per boy
  • Plastic fork – 1 per boy
  • Mini Marshmallows – 10 per boy
  • Cheerios – 20 per boy
  • Large pretzel log – 1 per boy
  • Chow mein noodles – 1 teaspoon per boy
  • Thin pretzel sticks – 4 or 5 per boy
  • Candy corn – 6 per boy
  • Red hots – 5 per boy

Building Steps:

  1. Create a fire ring with mini marshmallows and Cheerios.
  2. Break your pretzel log into 3 pieces and use them to make a “V” or “A” shape.
  3. Make a small pile of chow mein noodle tinder in the corner of the “V” or “A.”
  4. Light the tinder with some red hots sparks.
  5. Add pretzel sticks kindling.
  6. Add the candy corn flames.

edible campfire image



And there you have it!  An edible campfire!




Yours in Scouting,

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5 thoughts on “Learn Campfire Safety with a Craft: Edible Campfire

  1. shari

    cute. unfortunately, the title misrepresents the “lesson” (?) Where is the lesson to a cub scout that has not built a fire and where is the safety in the video? Obviously a cub scout isn’t going to eat the fire. However, 4 minutes of cute is a waste of time.

    1. Sherry Post author

      Thank you for your comment! The intention is that a leader will talk the boys through the steps in building a fire correctly – such as having a fire ring, having a shovel or rake handy to raking the hot coals, having water handy to douse the fire, etc. I have had other leaders who have effectively used this as a teaching tool.


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